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10 Must-Watch Feminist Commercials

Anokhi Buzz Anokhi DIY Entertainment & Gossip Apr 12, 2016

China's advertisement on ''leftover women'' went viral for the right reason, Its message on empowering women is important and needs to be understood!

We bring you 10 commercials that convey powerful feminist messages.

1. SK-II Empowers Unmarried Women

SK-II intends to remove the stigma surrounding unmarried women in China. The government calls them "leftover women." By showing stories about many unmarried women, the video strikes an emotional chord with viewers.

2. Government of Ontario Campaigns against Sexual Violence

The Government of Ontario, Canada, released a powerful ad to combat sexual harassment. With its #WhoWillYouHelp slogan, the campaign calls for community involvement to collectively fight sexual violence against women.

3. Hello Flo Creates Awareness about Puberty

Hello Flo's commercial celebrates puberty and refuses to hush the subject of menstruation.

4. Dove Explores Self-Esteem through Beauty Sketches

When it comes to women and beauty, there are too many pressures, often resulting in poor self-esteem. Dove takes a look at these and, through picture sketches, encourages positive self-esteem.

5. Vogue Emphasizes Women's Choices

Vogue India gets to the heart of the matter by sparking a discussion about choice. The ad features stars from the Indian television and film industries, including leading actress Deepika Padukone.

6. Dabur Vatika Pays Tribute to Female Cancer Survivors

Cancer can hurt women's self-esteem because of hair loss and how it changes your appearance. Dabur Vatika takes a stand for female cancer survivors. The commercial shows a happy family supporting and loving a woman with cancer.

7.  Cover Girl Encourages Girls to Break Stereotypes

Cover Girl's ad is loud and clear in its message: girls can. This fast-paced commercial is a sure counter to women with self-doubt, encouraging them to live their dreams!

8. Verizon Educates to Inspire a Girl's Mind

Verizon shows how girls, despite their curiosity for the sciences, are discouraged from pursuing STEM careers. The company intends to reverse this trend by insisting on valuing girl's minds equally.

9. Always Questions Stereotypes of Girls' Abilities


Always challenges common stereotypes of girls' abilities. By looking at young girls, with minds unaffected by social expectations and prejudices, the commercial emphasizes gender equality.

10. Dove Challenges Gender Stereotypes of Men

Care is often misrepresented as a feminine trait, and Dove breaks the stereotype through its commercial showing men who display affection and care for their families, acknowledging these as worthy qualities.

Which feminist commercial did you enjoy the most? Share your comments below.

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