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10 Reasons Why We’ll Miss The Mindy Project

Anokhi DIY Entertainment & Gossip May 11, 2015

FOX Says Bye-Bye to The Mindy Project.

FOX announced late last week that it has cancelled The Mindy Project, much to the heartbreak and dismay of the show's fans. The comedy sitcom, produced and written by creator Mindy Kaling, wrapped up its third season at the end of March, and despite a cult following, it was not able to garner enough ratings to be renewed for a fourth season. 
Here are 10 reasons why we know The Mindy Project will be terribly missed.

1.  The very funny, quirky, witty, never-taking-things-too-serious Mindy herself. Her character breezes through life with her positive attitude and confidence (overconfidence at times!). She is able to provide great comic relief after a stressful day.  

2.  The hilarious polarity in Mindy's personality. The same woman who lies on a financially struggling patient’s insurance file so they can receive decent medical treatment also expresses her desire to support “charities that help women look bang-able at work.” How can one not love this freak show of a human?

3.  Mindy changed more boyfriends in the first two seasons than characters changed clothes. This has allowed us to meet, on TV, all the different types of dateable and undateable men out there. The sane ones and the complete weirdos, the old-fashioned older police officers and commitment-phobic feminist midwives, the minister-turned-DJ-turned-event planner, and the cheating drug addict. No matter the boyfriend type, you name it, she has dated it. 

4.  It was refreshing to see a TV show take women’s weight issues lightly while a good-looking male counterpart is shown to deal with a sudden weight gain. Mindy has an "I-am-hot-and-I-know-it" attitude that remains unaffected by society’s expectations of a slim figure. In her words, “I am not overweight; I fluctuate between chubby and curvy.” The handsome British colleague, Dr. Jeremy Reed, on the other hand, gains a significant amount of weight and is the butt of jokes for a few episodes. Breaking the status quo one episode at a time!

5.  The show is racially blind. It has no race-specific problems, no stereotypical “Indian” issues. The only Indian thing about the show’s lead is her name and perhaps skin colour. Otherwise, her life’s problems are universally relatable — the dating, the weight, the friendships, the career choices. The show itself pokes fun at the racial stereotypes often seen on TV (Raj Koothrappali of The Big Bang Theory anyone?) by showing Mindy rejecting a high-paying, glamorous medical job upon discovering that the employers only wanted her so they could showcase a brown face in their diverse group. The relationship between nurses Tamra and Morgan is as weird as it gets; however, that is because of all the quirky qualities they both have independent of their racial differences.

6.  Who doesn’t love Danny (Chris Messina) on the show? He's an ex-stripper-turned-gynecologist with regular male insecurities, traditional values, and great skills in bed. His will-they-or-won’t-they relationship (somewhat reminiscent of the Ross and Rachel saga) with Mindy culminated into a full-fledged relationship pretty fast, owing to the fast-moving plot of the show, much to the delight of all its fans. The last episode of the show ended with Danny reaching India to meet Mindy’s parents (travelling in a rickshaw and all!), leaving audiences waiting desperately to see Danny’s adventures in India.


7.  All the amazing guest stars! The show has had a whole slew of wonderful stars for brief periods, managing to properly use each character to further the plot line, as opposed to simply using them as fillers (like the recent Simpsons’ episodes). Some of our favourites have been:

–  Seth Rogan (as Mindy’s childhood sweetheart and army recruit)

–  James Franco (as Mindy’s brief replacement, Dr. Paul Leotard — how wacky is his name! he was also quite magnificent and creepy)

–  Laverne Cox (Tamra’s cousin and Mindy’s stylist and personality coach)

–  B.J. Novak (who discovers his love for his BFF after a date with Mindy)

8. The rib-tickling and inspiring quotes by all characters, especially Mindy herself. Some of our favourites:

–          “My body is very attracted to your body, but when you speak, my brain gets angry.” —Mindy

–          “I figure if I’m gonna be a mess, I may as well be a hot mess.” —Mindy

–          “I have the right to life, liberty and chicken wings.” —Mindy (amen, sista!)

–          "I wanna talk…but I am really hungry.” —Danny

–          “I fear the ocean out of respect.” —Danny

–          “I would like to have everyone's attention. I am also moving. I am moving from the basement of my grandmother's house to the attic.” —Morgan

–          “Family doesn't wait to be invited. It's like HPV. It just shows up and never leaves.” —Peter

–          “My warrior name is Beyoncé Pad Thai.” —Mindy

9. Mindy’s wardrobe on the show deserves an Instagram account if its own! Who else can pull off all the 

wild patterns and the colour combinations? Whether an eye-sore or an inspiration, her outfit choices were hard to miss.

10. Finally, we would have loved — loved — to see the progress of the Mindy-Danny relationship and how they dealt with their Indian-Italian baby (Mindy was visibly pregnant towards the end of the season). The fast-progressing plot of the show was very refreshing, and the upcoming baby was the next natural step. 
Here's hoping that Hulu picks up future seasons of the cult favourite!

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