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10 Tips To Avoid Diet Disasters During Thanksgiving

Anokhi DIY Culture & Lifestyle Fitness & Nutrition Oct 13, 2014

A Time To Gather With Family, Give Thanks And Devour In The Most Delectable Dishes 

Canadian clinical hypnotherapist and author of Success Through ManipulationColin Christopher offers some guilt-free tips on how to stick to your diet during the holiday. Check them out below:

Don’t skip meals leading up to Thanksgiving

Some people believe skipping meals will make it easier to consume more, but this leads to increased hunger, binge eating and depriving your body of necessary calories to convert to energy.

Just be conscious of what you eat. Cut out fatty foods and consume healthy alternatives.

There’s no such thing as eating healthy now to balance out bad meals later

Don’t assume eating salads and fruit gives you permission to indulge later. If you’re trying to lose weight and eat right, salads and fruit are a good choice.

Watch the servings of mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie.

Have a plan

It is a way to prevent making bad choices.
Choose healthier options, drink plenty of water which is good for you and will fill you up, and stop eating when your body feels satisfied. Skipping a meal here and there cannot be made up later.

Don’t compare yourself to others

Eat how you would, not how others do, but be aware of the nutritional value.

Learn to say no

This holiday is an opportunity for people to show off their cooking skills, so stay strong and find an alternative way to inform the host you're serious about staying healthy.

Exercise doesn’t give you the right to eat poorly

Working out and exercise is great, but it’s never a pass to load up on bad food during the holiday to combat the indulgence.

Traveling for the holiday is no excuse

When traveling, pack a healthy meal before you board your flight or hit the road this holiday.  

Dig deep

If you really commit to the steps, you can maintain a diet and even lose weight  by keeping it healthy at the holidays. 
Keep in mind healthier options are just as delicious. The key is to enjoy the holiday by surrounding yourself with loved ones and being thankful for all that you have.

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