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5 Reasons Not To Miss Salman Khan’s New Film Sultan

Anokhi Buzz Anokhi DIY Entertainment & Gossip May 26, 2016

The trailer for Salman Khan’s latest film, Sultan, was released yesterday, and we’re already calling it. This one’s going to be a blockbuster!

How can it not be, with Sallu in various stages of undress throughout the film, Anushka Sharma repping fierce female fighters and tons of full-impact, body-slamming action?

If you’re still not convinced, here are five reasons Sultan is on our must-see list — based on the trailer alone!

1. Salman "Kya Body Hai" Khan is back!

Still from "O O Jane Jaana" from Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya
Photo Credit: G.S. Entertainment

Remember Salman Khan in the '90s, when they couldn’t pay him enough to keep his clothes on? Well, he’s back and more shirtless than ever! Playing an Olympic-level wrestler means Khan is in top shape for this role. He seems to spend most of the film in his skivvies!

 2. Anushka Sharma kicks some serious butt!


She may look petite, but Anushka is showing off a powerful side we’ve never seen before — packing a punch and then some. Watching her throw an opponent down into a cloud of red mud is as intimidating as it is entertaining!




In case the 17 body slams in the trailer didn’t make it clear, this film is about wrestling. Lots of it! Both Salman and Anushka show off some stylish moves and kick up a whole lot of dust while still making time for a bit of cooing and cuddling.

But it looks like 90% of the fighting is Mortal Kombat–style, bare-knuckle battles, and did we mention body slams? So if you’re a fan of the sport, this film is for you! And if not, you’re about to get schooled.

4. The Rocky-Style Training Montage


Judging by the trailer, there's bound to be an epic montage (à la Rocky) of Salman getting back in shape to regain some past glory that he presumably lost during the film. The struggle, the failure, the anger, the perseverance and the ultimate victory!

Experience the emotional roller coaster as Salman races trains, smashes cars and lifts a ton of bricks, all set to triumphant music. Feel the burn!

 5. The Superhero Landing

Photo Credits:,

Like any good wrestler, Sultan Salman has a signature move — except it’s not as much a wrestling move as it is a perfectly executed power pose! You get to see it once he’s neutralized an opponent with a match-ending body slam (see point #3).

Salman rolls into a crouching position with a determined scowl, somewhat like a classic superhero landing. The angry wiping of his lip to finish off the move is an added bonus. Only Sallu can make sweaty look so suave!

Watch the trailer below and see for yourself!

Main Image Photo Credit: Yash Raj Films

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