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Active Wear You Need To Know About

Anokhi DIY Culture & Lifestyle Fitness & Nutrition Dec 14, 2013

Make working up a sweat look better than ever!

It takes something extra to get us pumped up for that new you, new year's resolution mode where workout is involved. Guilt from that last piece of cake is a strong incentive, but looking as good at the gym as you would in the street works better. Instead of wearing a grubby college T-shirt and a pair of sweats that should have definitely made their way into the “burn on sight” pile, treat yourself to some fun, fashion forward workout wear. You’ll notice you'll be getting so much use out of the new sexy yoga pants that your little black dress will start collecting dust. 

Titika Fitness

This Canada-based company creates active wear for women that isn’t only tailored for feminine style; their fabric and production aim to be as globally responsible and eco-friendly as possible. What they lack in diverse selection, they make up in quality, such as the use of 100% natural fabrics like Modal, Tencel, Cotton and Cupro. If you want to support an environmentally conscientious business while prepping for your next marathon, then you know where to get your next athletic outfit from.

Outfit by Titika Fitness

Lucy Activewear

Lucy’s secret is the company’s major focus on women, women, and more women. That means catering to women of all shapes and sizes, as well as their diverse desires to be garbed in loose workout wear, skintight workout wear, or a bit of something in between. From the chick who’s all about baring the six-pack to the lady who likes to tease by hiding her tone, Lucy’s got a little something for everyone so breathe easy.   

Lucy caters to every woman's needs

Black Milk Clothing

If you weren’t a “sharkie,” one of the global fandom of this Australia-based company, you soon will be. Black Milk takes leggings to a whole new level, putting the “it” into fitness and the fun into, well, everything! Black Milk’s has a never-ending supply of patterned spandex leggings, bathing suits, body suits and more. From Harry Potter and Star Wars to plaids, skeletons, galactic nebulas, and fine art; isn’t gym-specific but the fabric is breathable, and is equally as great for that energetic jog as it is for a night out on the town.

Fashionable outfits by Black Milk

Cory Vines

Forbes referred to Cory Vines as the “Warby Parker” of active-wear companies. It's a sportswear company that is barely six months old and is already a startup success. Their secret? Creating clothing so comfortable that you’ll wish you could wear your workout wear all the time. Wait a minute! With Cory Vines, you can. The online retailer makes only a few select pieces at a time for both men and women, focusing strictly on tops and bottoms that combine superior quality with fashion basics. Do you wish you had that favorite super soft tank-top in multiple colors? Well, look no further! Cory vines will solve that problem.

Comfortable outfits by Cory Vines

The next time you decide you’re not into rocking the 'typical' sporting labels such as Nike swoop or afraid of another Lululemon scandal, adventure out in lesser known sportswear brands that will have your friends talking. If you’re definitely not interested in The Northface and feeling less than sexy in Victoria’s Secret sportswear, it’s pretty likely that one of these best-kept secrets will have you on your feet and feeling fabulous in no time. After all, how hard can your workout be when you look this good?

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