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M.I.A. & Zayn Malik Join Forces For ‘Freedun’

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British Asian rapper and producer M.I.A. reveals a blazing hot new track with global pop sensation Zayn Malik.

Malik and M.I.A didn't meet in person for the collab, it was a "virtual situation" and they worked it out over WhatsApp.

The track "Freedun" features on M.I.A.’s new album A.I.M, which she says will be her last.

M.I.A unveiled the laid back and melodic track on BBC Radio 1
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M.I.A. says she will continue to make music, but this album would be her final studio release.

"I wanna go and do some other stuff and take some time out," she said on BBC Radio 1.

M.I.A. takes aim at haters and the refugee crisis on her supposedlly final album
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M.I.A.'s new album releases on September 9th. You can pre-order it now and get 4 songs immediately!

Until then, check out our top 10 tracks by the renegade rapper:

1. “Bad Girls” (from Matangi, 2013)

M.I.A.'s statement on feminism and femininity
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This song was regarded as her "polished comeback" in 2013. A mantra for feminism featuring M.I.A amidst drag-racing in Dubai while filing her nails.

2. “Bring The Noize” (from Matangi, 2013)

M.I.A.'s example of hip-hop
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M.I.A. calls herself Matangi, the Hindu goddess who controls speech, art, and music. She also references Janice Joplin in the song; “freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose."

3. “Matangi” (from Matangi, 2013)

M.I.A. calls out everybody on this track
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M.I.A. calls out the “look-alikes, copycats, doppelgangers, frauds”. She also tweeted that Matangi suffered from lack of support because of “NFL , music industry baby daddy battle, my ex manager became my label head ,and politics."

4. “Born Free” (from ///Y/, 2010)

The music video depicts a genocide against red haired people
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Incidents relating to extrajudicial killing of Tamil males by the Sri Lankan Army filmed on mobile phones were an inspiration for M.I.A.'s music video.

5. “Teqkilla” (from ///Y/, 2010)

This song received mixed opinions from music critics
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"Teqkilla" features a guest verse from Nicki Minaj to go along with with the industrial and dancehall beats. There was no music video made for this single.

6. “Bamboo Banga” (from Kala, 2007)

A depiction of M.I.A.'s inclination for pop culture and politics 
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M.I.A. made use of South Asian music in this album, which she named after her mother. The singer has used her mother's life struggles as a theme for the recording.

7. “Paper Planes” (from Kala, 2007)

The backing track for this song is a sample of the 1982 song "Straight to Hell" by The Clash
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This song generated a fair share of controversy; M.I.A. was accused of glorifying violence, criminality, and advocating terrorism.

8. “Pull Up The People” (from Arular, 2005)

M.I.A.'s critique of the government
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Conflict and revolution served as a theme in M.I.A.'s lyrics for this album. The album title was her father's code name when he was involved with Sri Lankan Tamil militant groups.

9. “Galang” (from Arular, 2005)

This track combines elements of dancehall, electro, jungle, and world music
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"Galang" is known to be a song that defined M.I.A. as an artist. Her personality influenced many others to emulate her style of music and fashion.

10. “Bucky Done Gun” (from Arular, 2005)

This song was inspired from funk carioca song "Injeção"
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"Bucky Done Gun" was influenced by M.I.A.'s experiences of Sri Lankan civil war. Themes of revolution and sexuality were also complimented by many critics.

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