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Our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2017: All Cupid-Approved!

Anokhi Buzz List It! Feb 10, 2017

Love is hard, so here are some Cupid-approved V-Day gift ideas to make this Valentine’s Day a little easier!

While we all know that February 15th is the most romantic holiday in the world, not everyone understands where this holiday comes from and why it has erupted into such a commercialized day of chocolates, gifts and flowers — all in the name of St. Valentine. The tradition dates back to ancient Rome, where the popular pagan fertility festival of Lupercalia was celebrated on February 15th. The festivities were eventually Christianized by the Catholic church.

So where does the “Valentine” come in?  According to historians, there were three different saints named Valentine, all of whom were martyred. But one Valentine in particular left behind a famous love story after he was imprisoned for defying laws against marriage. Legend says that while he was locked up, Valentine wrote a letter to his beloved and signed it, “From your Valentine.” Since then, people have put their own spin on the tale, giving us a holiday filled with goodies and love.

Here are some ideas to help you find the perfect gift for your Valentine (who hopefully is not in prison!).

For my gal pals in need of the perfect gift for their man, feast your eyes on these picks.

For the Tech Man

These full-grained vegetable-tanned leather iPhone and MacBook sleeves are every man’s dream. Sleek and modern designs don’t mean lack of comfort or support. They start at $40 CAD and ship worldwide. Check them out here.

Valentine's Day gift ideas
Stylish Mujjo Phone and MacBook Sleeves.  Photo Credit:
Valentine's Day gift ideas
Leather MacBook Air Sleeve.  Photo Credit:

For the Entertainer

 This five-piece glass decanter set is perfect for the man who loves to sit back with a drink in his hand — and now you can personalize it!  For just $74.50 CAD, this Valentine’s Day gift is sensible and affordable. Check it out here.

Valentine's Day gift ideas
Stylish Glass Decanter Set.  Photo Credit:

For the Comedian

 This laugh-out-loud gift is unique and sexy! Get your man in the kitchen (or the bedroom, if you prefer) and share a great night with this hilarious spin-off, 50 Shades of Chicken. You heard it right! 50 Shades of Chicken is a cookbook with a storyline, and it’s only $21 CAD. Have some laughs and enjoy a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner here.

Valentine's Day gift ideas
Recipes and Romance! Photo Credit:

For the Fashionably Impaired

Does the guy in your life need a wardrobe update? Find anything and everything you need to fix his fashion sense at GotStyle for Valentine’s Day, the retailer founded by a menswear industry veteran. You’ll find any accessory or major apparel need right here at great prices, so this is a great online store for any budget. The kicker? Free returns!


Valentine's Day gift ideas
Collections on Collections.  Photo Credit:


For the Wacky One

Looking for a unique gift, a gift that will defy all other Valentine’s Day gifts? Look no further. At Dude, you can surf through a plethora of strange and unusual gift ideas. It takes the term “anything and everything” to a whole new level. It’s easy to navigate with their Gift Guide, so you can find all sorts of goodies sure to spark the wonder in your guy.

Valentine's Day gift ideas
So many options!  Photo Credit:

For the Dapper Man

 Make your man feel like a celebrity with accessories from The Tie Bar. This luxury fashion brand prides itself on its exquisite designs with a simple motto: well-made ties shouldn’t cost a fortune. With affordable prices, designs worn by celebrities like Dwayne Wade and worldwide recognition, The Tie Bar is kind of like jewelry for men.

Valentine's Day gift ideas
Sophisticated accessories at affordable prices. Photo Credit:


Hey, guys. You have no idea what to get your girl for V-Day, do you?  Here’s a glimpse into some gift ideas that will prove her wrong about your horrible gift-giving skills:

For the Body, Heart and Soul

With earth- and animal-friendly products, Grail Springs Wellness Resort features products focused on health and wellness.  You can choose unique adornments like this necklace, promote her wellness and relieve her stress with this gem water or educate her with books and DVDs. Either way, you’ll show her you’re committed on a deeper level this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day gift ideas
Products to promote wellness. Photo Credit:

The Bling Queen

 You can’t go wrong with jewelry. You just can’t! The Montreal-based company founded by South Asian–French Canadian designer Aliya Dossa, Fervor Montreal produces luxurious yet affordable fine and fashion jewelry. Any piece that is missing from your girl’s jewelry box can be found right here.

Valentine's Day gift ideas
Eye-catching fine and fashion jewelry. Photo Credit:

The Sweet Tooth

 So, she can’t get enough of the dessert table, can she? Let the sugar rain with this subscription style service to Bakers Krate. Every month, she’ll get a box full of locally sourced baked goods that are sure to curl her toes. With boxes just under $20 CAD a month, this is an affordable way to keep her surprised and enjoying your sweet gift every month for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day gift ideas
Goodies galore!  Photo Credit:

The Bollywood Starlet

If she idolizes Bollywood’s fantastic style and has her nose to the TV during red carpet appearances, this is the gift for her.  Swapnanjali Jewelry Studio, based in Pune, India, and their costume jewelry line, Ergo Sum, feature quality silver and gold-plated designs that have made their way through Europe and the United States. With customization options, this jewelry studio is fit for any budget. Their new 2017 collection is available here.

Bollywood glam perfect for your starlet. Photo Credit: Aperna Pednekar

The Makeup Junkie

Yes, she has 13 mascaras, four different foundations and probably 50 lipsticks, but she can’t help herself! Feed this addiction this Valentine’s Day with this subscription style service to TopBox. Every month, she’ll get four premium hand-picked beauty samples just for her. For just $12 CAD a month, she’ll never need to step foot inside a makeup store while on a date with you.

Valentine's Day gift ideas
Feed your beauty addict. Photo Credit:

The Spa Guru

She loves to get pampered, so butter her up with the help of Lush. These luxurious spa-style products indulge her every desire with affordable prices. Choose from lotions to bath bombs and so much more. They’re 100% vegetarian and feature fresh cosmetics with no animal testing. Prices range, so you’ve got a lot of options!

Valentine's Day gift ideas
Treat her to a home spa day.  Photo Credit:

The Environmentalist

Material gifts on Valentine’s Day aren’t a top priority for some women. This Valentine’s Day, show her you support the cause with a species adoption. With the help of the WWF, you can sponsor or adopt an endangered species with just one click. For less than you would spend on a winter jacket, you can choose your adoption package and she’ll receive a picture of the animal you’ve adopted along with critical information and other goodies!

Melt her heart with a species adoption. Photo Credit:


Okay. You’re single and you hate Valentine’s Day. It’s really a commercial holiday anyway, right? Who says you can’t get yourself a gift?  Check out these options to please you.

Don’t daydream about being in a fantastical love story; read about it! At U Star Novels, you can make those dreams a reality.  Rated as the sexiest gift by Cosmopolitan, it lets you choose any genre of novel and personalize it. Yep. You are the star of that novel, opposite your Hollywood or Bollywood crush. So curl up and get reading!

Valentine's Day gift ideas
Imagine the possibilities.  Photo Credit:

You think you need to be in a relationship to get expensive jewelry? It’s the 21st century! There’s no shame in putting a ring on it yourself! At Haathi House, experience fine jewelry tailored to the independent woman. They pride themselves on unique pieces that stand out and make a statement. Express yourself the right way with some bling like this!

Valentine's Day gift ideas
Make a bold statement this Valentine’s Day.  Photo Credit:

Don’t want to deal with a relationship, but still feeling lonely? Find yourself a cuddle buddy and do the world a solid by adopting a pet! Petsmart charities partner with shelters to give adorable animals a home. Everyone needs love — especially adoptable animals. You’ve got a lot of love to give, so find yourself that loyal companion!

Valentine's Day gift ideas
Give your love to an animal in need! Photo Credit:

No matter what position you’re in on Valentine’s Day this year, spread the love!


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