Issue 70 / The Energizing Entrepreneurs Of Got Ballz Want You To Snack Healthy!

The Energizing Entrepreneurs Of Got Ballz Want You To Snack Healthy!

Mar 09, 2017

We’re going balls for Got Ballz. Heal your h’anger with this healthy snack.

Does cold weather decrease your energy levels?

Are you constantly on the go, juggling your family, career and friends?

Do the above make you reach for processed snacks or quick, easy take-out to help improve your mood and/or get you through the several daily tasks you’ve taken on?

Great news, you can put down the pie and processed protein bars and pick up a healthy, nutrition-packed hunger fix. Energy Ballz are brought to you by Got Ballz, a company created by two energetic foodies.

What exactly are Energy Ballz?

Packed with fresh ingredients to keep hunger pains at bay and energy levels high, these bite-sized balls are hand-made in Toronto by Canadian entrepreneurs Pooja Rao and Attila Hanak.


Energy Ballz Got Ballz
Got Ballz co-founders Pooja Rao (left) and Attila Hanak. Photo Credit: Got Ballz.


Got Ballz Energy Ballz
These Energy Ballz by Got Ballz are packed with healthy ingredients! Photo Credit: Got Ballz


How did the idea come about?

As successful real estate agents, Rao and Hanak are always on-the-go. Between meeting clients and visiting properties, Rao was starting to feel frustrated about the lack of healthy snacks she could eat that would satisfy her hunger without hurting her body. Despite the abundance of granola bars on the market, Rao was disappointed by the various brands that market for optimal health but have food labels full of processed ingredients.

A solution-focused individual, during a conversation with Hanak, both decided it would be a good idea to start making their own snack. Playing around with several ingredients, Rao finally created her own granola bar and after sharing them with Hanak who was so impressed by their nutritional content and flavour, their entrepreneurial spirits kicked in and they decided to sell their snack.

Agreeing to turn them into fun, bite-sized balls, they wanted to create a product that people would enjoy without the junk-food guilt. After about a month of testing several ingredients, sampling the Energy Ballz to their families, friends, colleagues and to customers in grocery stores, they gathered feedback and came up with crave-worthy combinations.

Energy Ballz Got Ballz
Goji Energy Ball by Got Ballz. Photo Credit: Got Ballz


Are they really healthy?


Many of us have bought food items thinking they were good for us only to be disappointed they aren’t as nutritious as they appear. For example, items that are labeled as low-fat or sugar-free often have aspartame-based sweeteners. While these products may be good for cutting calories and/or short-term weight loss goals, the long-term health effects of aspartame may not be worth it — a controversial topic, several studies demonstrate the potential risks of the product.

Committed to creating an authentic product that would stay true to its health-based marketing, Rao and Hanak purchase all ingredients that go into their Energy Ballz to ensure their quality. To cater to people with different lifestyles, they have tested the shelf life of the Energy Ballz in different elements to ensure their texture and taste will last (they even tested the effects of leaving them out in the sun).

Safe at room temperature for three to six weeks, they are excellent to pack as an on-the-go snack (Rao keeps a pack in her car to prevent picking up unhealthy eats from fast food restaurants).

If kept mostly refrigerated, Got Ballz’s Energy Ballz can last from 4 to 6 months — should you wish to freeze them, they can be kept even longer.

Though 3 to 4 months in the fridge may be less than several granola bars on the market that have expiry dates of 6 to 12 months, it’s a positive feature; the product does not contain the many processed preservatives that are the reason behind the long shelf life of so many snacks. Realistically with their high quality taste and their ability to satisfy hunger, most clients are finishing a package well before they expire.

Energy Ballz Got Ballz
Energy Ballz by Got Ballz. Photo Credit: Got Ballz

What makes them different?

One of the best features of Energy Ballz is clients have the ability to customize their own by choosing from the many fun, flavourful ingredients on the website!

The first step in creating customized Energy Ballz is to select your base: options include oats, gluten-free oats and quinoa.

The second step that really helps set the product apart is clients can choose their own butter: almond, peanut butter and for customers with peanut allergies, peanut-free butter is also available.

The third step is where the fun really kicks in: A wide range of healthy items to pack into your Energy Ballz include nuts, seeds, fruits and protein powders.

Don’t like that many options? No problem. You can order some of the great flavours that already exist (the Pecan-licious is Rao’s personal favourite). The sampler package is also a great way to start and gives clients the chance to try out different kinds.

Energy Ballz Got Ballz
Quinoa Energy Ball by Got Ballz. Photo Credit: Got Ballz

How can eating healthy benefit others?

Not only will you and those around you benefit from the improved moods that can come with healthy eating, Rao and Hanak will be donating a portion of their sales to educational programs in third-world countries. Having moved to Canada from India when she was 13 years old, Rao is passionate about helping children have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams and Hanak agrees on the importance of cooking for a cause.

Not only does ordering Energy Ballz help your health but they help others — eating right never felt so good.

Where can you find more information?

Energy Ballz can be purchased online with delivery straight to your door. They can also be purchased by dropping into one of the three different Moksha Yoga studios.

For more information or to place an order, click here to check out their website.

Got Ballz can also be found on social media:

Twitter: gotballz_ca


Facebook: Got Ballz


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