/ Same New Year's Routine Getting Tired?

Same New Year’s Routine Getting Tired?

Jul 29, 2013

Inject Some Sizzle In Miami, The New Vegas!

So what comes of a celebration with your closest friends at the Fontaine Bleu, coupled with iconic musical acts in a city that’s revered by pop culture? For the generations who missed it (myself included), it’s a profound appreciation for Miami Vice. Even if all of us can’t live afford to live Will Smith’s “Miami” lifestyle, we can definitely try. Here are a few ways to experience New Year’s in Miami without breaking the bank.

Refuge: My pick is the Fontaine Bleu (15 minutes off strip), where you can live glamorously, reveling by its classic Hollywood aura, unwavering since its 1954 construction. It was designed with the notion that, “If you create a stage and it is grand, everyone who enters will play their part.” So launched the story of a famed movie set and home to celebrities from Sinatra to Diddy.

Take advantage of its wide array of impeccable pools, beaches, clubs and restaurants, even for those with hard to please palettes and diets! My favorites were Fresh and La Cote – the latter along the shore with a personal DJ spinning tunes Miami-style. The price may be a little hefty during New Year’s, but it’s definitely worth it.

Revelry: My favorite place is Nikki Beach, an outdoor beach club, steps away from the ocean, equipped with a delicious restaurant, (hot) Latina dancers, day beds and the best mojitos and sangrias in the world (try the mango and raspberry)! Nikki’s vibe is paradise, captured by its music and people during the day and night. So it’s not unusual to spend an entire day there and return again for the night scene. I loved playing the drums and dancing on the beach with the latin locals.

LIV Nightclub, located in the Fontainebleau, epitomizes a Miami club with its vast grandeur, electric lights and incredible music and thus, it was where I ended all my nights.

Guest performances by music legends are not uncommon at Liv nightclub. Earlier in May, hip-hop star, Busta Rhymes and the Flipmode Squad performed, reminiscing about the '90s, and showering the crowd with champagne, literally.

Although popular nightclub, Mansion also features famed artists and house deejays such as Robert Sanchez constantly, the attitude of management is offputting, disregarding guest list confirms at their will. On a similar note, BED is not that great either and is rather a dingy bore. Not only is it glorified, it’s also confused with the New York City club with the same name, which was featured on Sex in the City.

When I return to Miami for round two, I’m looking forward to experiencing the hotel pool parties such as Space and The Love Hate Bar for starters. Although, I felt Ocean Drive and “The Strip,” were totally overrated, I figure a second chance is merited, given the hype.

Did you know? Contrary to the depictions by CSI and pop culture, art deco South Beach is surprisingly run down. The disparity between the Latin/Mediterranean inhabitants and the western, capitalistic world of high rollers and wannabes is quite apparent. For a flashy South Beach experience, peak season, New Year’s, Memorial Day long weekend and the World Music Conference is when the city is accessorized with celebrities and expensive cars.

Watch Out! Miami venues are big on selling bottled water. So prepare to be snubbed if you want the unbottled version.



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