Publisher's Message, Spring 2013

In my younger years, I believed wholeheartedly that “beauty” was a notion far removed from my reality due to the perception that it was defined by what commercial marketing propagated to the masses. Duly, I never allowed myself to ever imagine that in time and with experience, I would redefine its meaning and purpose on a personal level and include it in my vocabula


Jesse DeCosta, The Brand Man

Despite working with some of Hollywood’s brightest stars, this Canadian entrepreneur keeps his focus close to home. These days, celebrities are more than just pretty faces on magazine covers. They’re brands in and of themselves; their names and faces valuable commodities traded on a global level. It should come as no surprise, then, that just like Apple and Coca-Cola, actors and music artists feel the need to enlist experts


Top 5 Homestays in India

Travelling to India? Experience its true culture by checking into a homestay. Aanavilasam Luxury Plantation House, Thekkady Surrounded by a pristine cardamom and pepper plantation, Aanavilasam was converted into a luxury homestay in 2009. Home to photographer and tourism book publisher Salim Pushpanath, this property houses suites, pool villas and a presidential suite which range from $140 to $370 CDN per night and include b


Eastern Promises

Entrenched in history, Eastern Europe promises to give your vacation a much-needed cultural refresher course. When most people think of going to Europe, especially on their first trip there, the famous cities automatically come to mind: London, Rome, Amsterdam, Paris and Barcelona. While these places hold the charm, history and w


  • Fashionably Frugal

    Amp up your wardrobe without breaking the bank. Spring is here and so is the indomitable desire to dress cheerfully. But this season there is no need to spend a fortune to k ...


  • Marc Anthony – Hairstylist Extraordinaire

    Tips from a pro on getting your strands ready for spring, including his favourite look this season. You’ve seen his work on the hottest red carpets and his products on shelves everywhere. He was the youngest person to win the title of World Champion Hair Stylist at 19 years old. Tor ...


  • A Fine Feast

    In a cooking rut? Don’t fret! We have fantastic spring recipes from fine dining restaurant The Host to kick off your entertaining season just right! With spring and summer approaching quickly ...


  • An Indian in Paris

    Ritu Beri’s rise from a famed French fashion house to her own stylish empire. “My work is greatly influenced by my personal state of mind. I design to satisfy myself. I love taking risks and like to follow my own chosen path. I try to be a perfectionist and aim at achieving th ...


  • Thoughts From The Editor-In-Chief, Spring 2013

    In the Light of Beauty Sometimes you don’t recognize that you are in the presence of something special until you have hit a point so low you aren’t sure you are able to climb out of it. And sometimes the dawn seems to be worlds away and the darkness seems to last a lifetime. ...


  • Monika’s Must-Haves, Spring 2013

    Who better to get you hip to what’s hot every season than ANOKHI’s own style editor, Monika Bhondy. Born and raised in the fashion-forward U.K., this fashionista and product junkie brings you a mishmash of must-haves based on her quirky ta ...


  • Open Chest Interview with Priyanka Chopra

    Some people need no introduction but deserve one. Bollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra IS that person! She is what I have coined, a “serial gamechanger,” h ...


  • A New Bloom?

    Calling all women! — those who have given birth, premenopausal and postmenopausal, young and old. For just $44 USD (or £28), you can be a virgin again! All it takes is a little bit of aloe vera, almond, pomegranate and of course, gold dust. How could we possibly forget the gold dus ...


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