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ANOKHI MEDIA Launches Exciting “New Look” Website With An Array Of Branded Content!

Anokhi Today Pop Culture News Nov 04, 2016

Check out ANOKHI Media's brand new look!

North America’s favourite and longest running South Asian pop culture, lifestyle and entertainment multimedia, multi-platform brand, ANOKHI MEDIA, launched its “new look” website at today!

Founder Raj Girn explained why the decision to rebrand and create a new online experience was made:

“We are pleased to announce the soft launch of our brand “new look” website, where we have taken all of our community’s comments and feedback and developed a far more engaging and enriching experience.

We have changed our brand colours to better align with our mission, where we’ve kept the red for glamour, in keeping with what our brand has become synonymous with over the years, but decided to choose a deeper, more elegant red rather than the flashy bright red we’ve been sporting since inception. This is because our community has, over the years, become more diversely established in the glamour space and, as such, we felt demanded a chicer representation of this coming of age.


      ANOKHI Media Logo


 The purple we chose to represent power, because there’s nothing more empowering than a community that encourages, shares, motivates and celebrates each other, as we do regionally, nationally and internationally here at ANOKHI MEDIA, as it pertains to our dynamic community.

 In addition, we chose to streamline our branded content so that it aligns with what our community wants and finds value in. Our portfolio is two-fold: written in terms of articles and blogs, and video in terms of entertainment, lifestyle and interviews. Moreover, if someone is looking specifically for fashion, culture, business etc., they can easily navigate through the site by clicking on the main navigation bar which will lead them directly to their chosen subject specific interests.

 We want to experiment with different ways to present our content to see what resonates and to whom. I’m excited to see what the outcome will be over the coming weeks.”


Raj Girn, Founder & CEO of ANOKHI Media
Raj Girn, founder and CEO of ANOKHI MEDIA.


The site has a cleaner look, a more optimal user experience, and far more content than ever before . . .


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