Water makes up to 70% of our body mass, yet we always end up choosing other drinks to refresh ourselves.

Here’s a list of its benefits to remind you to revisit it before it’s too late.

How many times have you heard people claim that eight glasses of water a day are the key to staying hydrated and healthy? The number should be even more when you work out and on a very hot day.
While recent studies have discovered that there is no real proof to the eight glasses rule water undoubtedly has many benefits that make it a lifesaver quite literally. Here are a few of those:

Water Reduces Anxiety

Your brain needs water to function and when you’re dehydrated your brain sends signals that your body often interprets as stress. Watch out for such signals in your daily routine.

If you suddenly feel zapped out for no reason at all, check yourself and grab a glass of water without wasting any time.

Drink Water, Sleep Tight

When your body isn’t hydrated enough, it feels physically stressed pushing sleep away.

Drinking enough water during the day will steer you towards sweet dreams with a good night’s sleep.

A nice shower or a rejuvenating soak in a hot bath are also great ways to take a break after long, tiring days.

Of course, drinking too much water at night might have you getting out of bed more often than you’d like.

Water Energizes Muscles

Your cells need to maintain a balance of fluids or your electrolytes shrivel leading you to experience muscle fatigue. Ignoring this need will affect your physical energy and your athletic performance will automatically suffer.

The American College of Sports Medicine recommends drinking two glasses of water about two hours before you exercise. It also recommends drinking water or beverages with electrolytes at regular intervals during your work outs.

Most importantly don’t forget to increase your fluid-intake after intense physical exertion to restore electrolytes lost from sweating.

Flush Those Toxins Out With Water

Water and hydrating fluids are the only way to detoxify your body.

You need water especially to clean out the blood urea nitrogen and cancerous poisons passed through your kidneys.

Don’t drink enough and you’re at a higher risk of developing kidney stones and cancer.

Water Triggers Weight Loss

In addition to detoxifying the body, water also helps control calories. When your body is in need of hydration or nourishment your brain sends out signals.

However, the clues aren’t always clearly identifiable as hunger or thirst. Often when you feel hungry it may be a reminder that you haven’t had enough water.

So the next time you feel hungry all of a sudden, drink a glass of water first.

Moreover, substituting water for high-on-calorie drinks like cocktails or sugary sodas will energize you and prevent you from taking in loads of unnecessary calories.

Naturalize Nature’s Call Through Water

That’s right. Remember how water flushes toxins out of the kidneys? Well, it also helps maintain normal gastrointestinal functions.

When you don’t get enough water the colon pulls water from stool to keep you hydrated. So drink your water and keep the discomfort of constipation at bay.

Water Does Wonders For Your Skin

Your skin contains water and acts as a protective barrier preventing excess fluid loss and releasing impurities through sweat.

So it should be your priority to take good care of this storage bag protecting your internal organs.

While drinking enough water won’t make wrinkles vanish, dehydrated skin does appear more wrinkled.

Being sufficiently hydrated improves skin quality and helps you avoid acne and pimples.

If you’re prone to skin ailments like psoriasis water can’t cure them but it surely helps alleviate some of these problems.

While losing weight is the best way to take care of cellulite, hydration plumps up the skin so that underlying fat cells are less noticeable. 
If you’re concerned about taste, include beverages that can keep you hydrated like tea or juice in your diet. Avoid beverages heavy on sugar and caffeine as they end up dehydrating the body.

Water-rich fruits and vegetables like celery, cucumber and watermelon also go a long way keeping you hydrated and energized.

They also provide the necessary vitamins and minerals and even help lower your BMI.
Don’t let your love of tasty drinks make the importance of water take a backseat.

Add drinking water to your to-do list every day for a healthy body, mind and skin.
Have you started drinking enough water yet?
Tell us which of these benefits have you experienced.

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