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11 Vegan-Friendly Grooming Products For Men

Anokhi Buzz Anokhi DIY Entertainment & Gossip Jul 01, 2016

With the growing demand for vegan-friendly products, it's important for men to have a selection of items that not only work better but also contain zero animal byproducts.

From shaving creams to beard oil, plenty of brands offer options for you or the vegan man in your life.

Check out these 11 grooming products that are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

1. Jonathan Product Green Rootine Styling Creme

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Bad hair, be gone with this 100% vegan formulation featuring extracts of sage, rosemary, orange and black cumin.

2. Urban Beard

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Urban Beard's beard butter is handmade in small batches, so you know you're getting quality and freshness! This organic and vegan-friendly line also comes in a recyclable aluminium tin.


3. Forest Essential's Sandalwood & Orange Peel Shaving Cream

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This shaving cream has properties of fresh sandalwood paste, fresh citrus extracts, aloe vera juice and antioxidants like ginger, neem and vidarikand. Rest assured: this is one revitalizing product!

4. Elvado Classic Shave Kit

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Elvado products contain African shea butter, botanical healing herbs and pure essential oils. Their classic shave kit includes vegan-friendly shaving cream and a horse hair shaving brush, humanely gathered through routine grooming.

5. Le Labo Santal 33 Unisex Perfume

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With cardamom, iris, and violet and spicy, leathery, and musky notes, this vegan-friendly fragrance is sure to be a hit.


6. Henri et Victoria Bergamot Shaving Soap

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Go old-school with this handmade shaving soap, the perfect blend of smoky, sweet and earthy. Best of all, it's made without tallow or lanolin.


7. Earth Science Liken Natural Deoderant

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This best-selling deodorant has a fresh herbal scent, is formulated from lichen extract and lasts all day.

8. The Los Angeles Shaving Soap Co. Bespoke #1 Shaving Soap

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The Los Angeles Shaving Soap Company products are handmade, cruelty-free and completely vegan — not to mention the soaps are artisanally saponified as well. 

9. Aubrey Organics Cleansing Bar

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This handcrafted soap alternative contains organic shea butter, sunflower seed oil and menthol. It's safe for the face and ceritifed vegan.

10. Ursa Major Shaving Cream

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With aloe, burch and sunflower, this shaving cream is gluten- and cruetly-free. The stellar product has won awards for being one of the best shaving creams.

11. Jack Black Pure Daily Facial Cleanser

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Get clear, smooth skin with this certified-organic facial cleanser from one the must trusted brands for men. 

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