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The Hottest Tech Gadgets For This Month

Anokhi Buzz Anokhi DIY Entertainment & Gossip Jun 08, 2016

Time to upgrade your old devices? Step into June with this month’s amazing tech gadgets!

Check out the top four gadgets that you need to get your hands on this summer.

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Price: Approx. $600

Features: Lenovo is expected to introduce a smartphone or handset with Project Tango, which will essentially allow the device to use 3D space to continuously tell the phone where it is within its environment. As a result, the phone will not require GPS or data.

Price: $899–$1,599

Features: Anticipated features include a 4K Ultra HD screen display with 3,840-pixel resolution. The screen size is expected to be 13.3 inches. Tech experts expect that the tablet’s stylus will also get an update. Memory-wise, the device is expected to include a microSD slot. Additional noteworthy features include a USB type-C port and a Fingerprint Scanner.


Price: $350

Features: These headphones are available in both silver and black, and they come equipped with cord or wireless adaptations. The headphones are extremely lightweight and include the great noise cancellation features that Bose is known for. There are microphones outside the earcups as well as inside in order to ensure that sound quality is exceptional. Plus, the headphones can work as a Bluetooth headset. When operating wirelessly, the battery life is 20 hours. Other notable features include a remote on the right earcup that has buttons to adjust the volume. Plus, the headphones can also connect to the Bose app, which runs on both IOS and Android devices.

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Price: Approx. $400–$500

Features: The tablet is available in fun colours like Icicle Gold and Mint Green. The tablet is extremely light, weighing only 530 grams on its own, or 790 grams with the keyboard attached. The tablet’s display includes a 10.1” screen with 1280×800-pixel resolution. The tablet boasts a battery life of 11 hours, and it comes equipped with a web storage feature that allows you to store more files externally. For security, the tablet also includes a fingerprint scanner.

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