Our Mindful Tips On How To Stop Posting Useless Things On Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, oh my! From Facebook feeds to Instagram likes, how do we balance staying active on social media without becoming consumed by it? Read on for our mindful tips on how to stop posting useless things on social media.  As you know the whole social media world has been


Take It Down A Notch With Our Mindful Tips On How Not To Lose Your Cool

As the temperature starts to rise, so can our tempers. Keeping calm never goes out of season so read on for our mindful tips on how not to lose your cool.  Every year, South Asian television generates millions of dollars by captivating viewers across the globe (in 2016, television subscriptions alone generated 387 billion rupees in India


"What Would Buddha Do?" A Mindful Approach To Modern Day Relationships

In this crazy swipe-right world of modern day romance you have to stop and ask yourself, “What would Buddha do?”. We take a closer look at Dr. Charlotte Kasl’s book If Buddha Dated to see how we can take a mindful approach to modern day relationships.   Isn’t it strange that according to Forbes the global South Asian bridal fashion market alone is worth over