Vibrant Eye Make-Up Can Be As Beautiful As Classic Neutrals

Dior's 5 Couleurs 675 Candy Choc is a palette that successfully challenges the neutral homogeneity dominating make-up aisles — oh, and it truly flatters Desi skin tones and is versatile.   

Dior 5 Couleurs 676 Candy Choc



The late, great Kevyn Aucoin in The Art of Makeup (1994, HarperCollins) observed, "I'm a huge fan of using one colour all over the eye. … I gently stroke on a thin layer of colour. If I'm not satisfied with the depth, I add more."

The colour-wash look is easy and eye-catching when you use a berry eyeshadow.


1. Tap a base such as Laura Mercier Eye Basics from your lash line to your eyebrow.

Laura Mercier Eye Basics

My face make-up is done.

I apply Eye Basics.

I blend the Eye Basics with my ring finger, which applies the least pressure and is gentlest on the skin.

The eyelid on the left is brighter, thanks to Eye Basics.

2. Dip a cotton swab in a bright white shadow (or soft gold for darker skin tones) and tap the inner corners of your eyes.

Dip the brush in a white shadow like this.

3. Tap a flat, duck bill–shaped stiff eye shadow brush such as Make Up For Ever Brush 226 in a medium berry shadow.
Make Up For Ever Brush 226 and a berry shadow

4. Tap the brush along the lash line up to the brow bone, but remember that a thin, soft layer is all you need.

5. Apply a thin black liquid liner, like Écriture de Chanel, and several coats of curling mascara, like Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash.

Écriture de Chanel and Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash

  The result!   


Helen is a legendary dancer, an award-winning actress and an inspiration for eye make-up. In her dance number for the song "Piya tu aab to Aaja" in the film Caravan, Helen's eyes are bathed in mint green and gold. 

For a modern take on Helen's mint julep look, follow these steps.

1. Follow steps 1–2 in the colour wash instructions above.

2. Tap Brush 226 in a mint shadow and then on your lower lids.

Dip the brush in a mint shadow like this.

3. Dip an eyeliner brush such as Make Up For Ever Brush 208 in mint shadow and line the lower lash line.

4. Tap a medium-sized, fluffy dome brush such as M.A.C 33 in a banana yellow shadow.

Dip the brush in a banana yellow shadow like this.

5. Define the crease.

6. Trace a thick line on the upper lash line and extend to an upturned wing.

7. Add several coats of mascara.

The goal is drama!

The result!


Softer colours such as iridescent peach and banana yellow tend to look ashen on darker skin tones. Layering the shadow will result in cakiness, so apply them with a wet brush instead.

Watercolour is the epitome of romantic make-up, and you can create this look with these steps.

1. Follow steps 1–2 in the colour wash instructions above.

2. Dip Brush 226 in water and then dip it in banana yellow shadow.

3. Tap the brush from the inner corner to the midpoint of the eyelid.


This shadow is applied wet from the inner to the midpoint of the eyelid.

4. Dip the brush in peach shadow and tap from the mid point to the outer eyelid.


This shadow is applied wet from the mid-point to the outer corner of the eyelid.

5. Fluff and mix the shadows where the colours meet using a soft dome brush such as M.A.C 33.

This is how the colours look when they're blended.

6. Follow step 5 in the colour wash instructions.

The result is:

These looks use vibrant colours that enhance Desi skin tones and are as mesmerizing as classic neutrals.

Dior image courtesy of Christian Dior, Canada.
Make Up For Ever image courtesy of Make Up For Ever Canada
Benefit image courtesy of Benefit Cosmetics Canada
Chanel image courtesy of Chanel
Laura Mercier image courtesy of retail site

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