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Creative Inventions To Make Life Easy

Anokhi DIY Culture & Lifestyle Home Space Aug 06, 2014

Innovative hacks and clever products that will surprise you.

Take a look at this list of out-of-the-box ideas for using everyday objects in a whole new way.

Cup Holder Umbrella

Coffee holder/ boredpanda

Perfect for keeping your cup dry and one hand free.

Toothpaste Squeezer

Toothpaste holder/ boredpanda

So that you’re never wasting paste.

Mirror Wiper

Streak-free by design/ dewadesign

To clear your window after a hot and steamy shower, without the streak marks.

Pizza Scissors

Pizza scissors/ amazon

It is now easy to get a perfectly clean cut of pizza, without all the trouble of rolling it out.

Couch Armrest Table

Armrest/ lycs-arc

It’s a stable surface and make spills a breeze to clean up.  

Baby Shower Cap

Bath visor/ amazon

Rests on top of your baby's head, because no one wants to make their baby cry.

Onion Holder

Onion holder/ amazon

It can also be used on a number of other fruits and vegetables, making this a must have in the kitchen.

 Reusable Candle

Wax recycling/ laughingsquid

As this candle burns down, the wax is collected in the bottom portion of the holder.

Corn Kernel Remover

Kernel remover/ awesomeinventions

The easiest and most convenient way for getting corn off the cob.

Tie Flask

tie flask
Built-in drink holder/ flasktie

For when you're trying to sneak a drink in, or just keep hydrated without using extra space to store your water.

Body Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bag with arms and legs/ musucbag

This sleeping bag is easy to walk around in and will keep you toasty warm.

 LED Slippers

Slippers/ opulentitems

No more stubbed toes. These slippers have built-in LED lights that turn on when you’re walking.

Featured Image: amazon


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