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Delivered To Your Door, With Clean Meals You Have No Excuse For Not Eating Right

Culture & Lifestyle Apr 30, 2018

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When trying to eat right we tend to use every excuse in the book not to. We don’t have time. Kids are fussy. Healthy food is tasteless and expensive. Well it’s time for a reality check because you definitely can eat healthy without the worry, because there’s a Toronto-based service that pretty much does all the thinking for you. With Clean Meals you have no excuse for not eating right! 

With the busy lifestyles that we lead, sometimes it becomes a challenge to stay healthy. That’s where Canadian  food delivery company Clean Meals comes in. They create and deliver meals right to your door  that are healthy, delicious, fresh and already portion controlled. With Vegan options, as well as all of their meat being 100% halal —the week’s worth of vacuum-sealed pre-packaged meals is delivered to you every Sunday so that you’re all set for the week. All you need to do heat them up in their microwaveable dishes and dive in!

I caught up with the CEO and Founder of Clean Meals, Arslan Amin for the inside scoop on this yummy business. Check it our online at 




Geeta Wahab: What inspired you to start this company? Do you have a background in the food business?

Arslan Amin: Clean Meals is product of a personal journey towards living a healthier life. From borderline diabetic and over 40% body fat, I lost over 57lbs just by eating healthy. I started this venture in July 2017  as a way to use my story to inspire others, like myself, to reach their personal health goals. This is is my first food based business, I have a background in Digital Media (Digital Marketing, strategy, UX/UI and Digital business process development).

GW: Do you have any advice for an entrepreneurs? How is social media helping your business?

AA: Yes, be persistent and regardless of the potential downs just keep working towards your goals without giving up EVER! Social media is one of the biggest customer pulls we have and you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram both /cleanmealsca and @cleanmealsca

GW: What inspires the creation of the meals created?

AA: Balanced nutritional value in a meal without compromising the taste at the most reasonable price.

GW: What is your favourite meal that the company offers? How often are new meals added to the menu?

AA: Whole-wheat lasagne & the protein pizza from Winter 2018 menu. New meals are added every four months.


With Clean Meals You Have No Excuse For Not Eating Right
With Clean Meals You Have No Excuse For Not Eating Right: Protein Pizza as part of their Clean Health Menu. Photo Credit: Clean Meals


GW: How can someone maximize the benefits of the plans? Do you have any advice to someone trying to live a healthier lifestyle?

AA: A healthy diet is the predominant component to living a healthier life while a weekly workout is a supplement that aids in a healthy lifestyle. Getting healthier is a process, you have to stay patient and focused while that change is happening.

GW: I saw that there are two categories on the website, one for regular meals and the other is a vegan menu. What if I have allergies, can I still order the meals?

AA: Yes, as long as you state your allergies at the checkout we can cater to most allergies.

GW: How can I order the meals? How much do they cost and for how long?

AA: All orders are made through the website and they vary from $9.99/meal to $12.99/meal CDN. There are two subscription terms to select from: weekly and monthly subscriptions.

GW: What makes this food different from other home delivery food options?

AA: We believe in quality food in quantity and at the best price possible. All 3 elements are kept in mind at all times.


With Clean Meals You Have No Excuse For Not Eating Right
With Clean Meals You Have No Excuse For Not Eating Right: Kidney Burger as part of their Vegan Menu. Photo Credit: Clean Meals


GW: What is the F45 diet? Are those meals different than the others available?

AA: F45 is the fastest growing chain in the world with over 1000 gyms globally and they are relatively new in Canada especially in the GTA. They do an intense 8-week challenge 4 times a year for people who want to lose weight and get leaner. They have a 360 solution with their intense training and robust mobile application that provides with a full meal plan based on an individual weight and goals.  Clean Meals is preparing the F45 lunch and dinner meals from Monday to Friday and delivering to customers directly on Sundays so they have to spend less time prepping and cooking the meals for the challenge to attain their goals.

GW: Tell us a little more about #Projectendhunger

AA: #ProjectEndHunger is my way of giving back to this amazing city. Toronto has provided me many opportunities in the 15 years I have been here and this project is something I wish to take with me everywhere Clean Meals will go.

Purchasers can visit the site and choose from 10, 20, or 30 meal options for $5 each, and Clean Meals will supplement the rest of the cost for the meals. Once prepped and ready to go, Clean Meals will deliver the meals to various shelters in Toronto. The donors are also welcome to join our volunteer team and help us at the shelters.


With Clean Meals You Have No Excuse For Not Eating Right
With Clean Meals You Have No Excuse For Not Eating Right: Macaroni and Cheese. Photo Credit: Clean Meals


No with Clean Meals you can organize your week’s worth of food, help the community as well as eat better. Its a win-win for everyone! Happy eating!



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