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Don’t Go Broke Brunching With Our Budget-Friendly Brunch Recipes

Culture & Lifestyle Mar 26, 2018

As we welcome spring and get ready for mornings of sunshine and warmer weather, it means that brunch season is officially upon us. Check out our budget-friendly brunch recipes  so you don’t have to go broke brunching. 

Brunch has an appeal to it that makes it sound fancier than breakfast or lunch but with the mix of mimosas and pastries it could also turn into an expensive meal. The recipes below take just a few bucks and a few ingredients to create an amazing budget-friendly brunch menu.


Puff Pastry Pockets

Cost: $15 Cdn (approx)


1 box frozen puff pastry (per choice of filling below)

Fillings (see below for various options)

2 eggs



Budget-Friendly Brunch Recipes
Budget-Friendly Brunch Recipes: Chocolate Strawberry Turnover. Photo Credit: Pinterest


Thaw and roll out pastry. Cut into squares or rectangles, make sure the squares are big enough for filling and to fold over and seal, approximately 3 inches on one side. Prep fillings (see below for some ideas) by shredding or chopping into small enough pieces to put in the middle of the squares.

Place filling in the middle of the squares. Brush egg wash onto the edges of pastry and fold extra pastry over toppings. Seal the edges by pressing them together using a fork, your fingers or twisting them. Brush each pastry with egg wash, sprinkle with toppings if desired and bake according to box, around 20 mins to 25 mins at 400 degrees. 

Cheddar, green onion and chilli flakes cheese rolls — just shred cheese, add slides green onions and chilli flakes and mix together before adding to pastry. Each pocket will need about a teaspoon of topping.

Palak paneer turnovers — thaw and drain one small package of spinach and dice up half a block of paneer. Cook until warmed through, add dashed of spices as desired, such as salt, chili flakes, cumin, coriander, etc.

Chocolate and berries pockets — depending on how big the squares are, use a ratio of one to one. One strawberry to one square of bakers chocolate.


Vanilla Honey

Cost: $25 CDN (approx)

Infusing honey is a super easy and budget-friendly way to dress up your breakfast or the brunch table.


All you need is 1 cup of honey and two vanilla bean pods.


Budget-Friendly Brunch Recipes
Budget-Friendly Brunch Recipes: Vanilla Bean Honey. Photo Credit: Pinterest



Slice the pods open and scrape out the seeds. Place seeds, pods and honey in a small jar with a tight lid. Carefully shake the honey and vanilla jar to cover the pods and distribute the seeds. Let the honey infuse in a cool dry place for a few days, taste and if the flavour is to your liking then strain the honey. If it isn’t ready for you yet, let the honey stand for a day or two longer.

Use to top French Toast, adding to baking recipes or use in your favourite cup of tea.


Cardamom & Nutmeg Spice

Cost: $8 CDN (approx)

French  Toast — when whipping up the egg batter for French Toast, add a dash of cardamom and nutmeg for flavour boost beyond just the cinnamon.

Whipped Cream —  flavour the whipped cream when adding to waffles, pancakes, biscuits, or puffed pastry with cardamom and nutmeg by adding a dash of the ground spices to the cream before whipping. Add a couple tablespoons of sugar to make sure the spices aren’t too sharp.


Budget-Friendly Brunch Recipes
Budget-Friendly Brunch Recipes: Cardamom French Toast. Photo Credit: Pinterest


So dig in and don’t worry about the bill! Brunch to your hearts delight!


Main Image Photo Credit: Culture Map Dallas

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