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Is Salman Khan Really In The Dark About Rape?

Anokhi DIY Anokhi Today Breaking News & Sports World Jun 23, 2016

Bollywood's king of controversy, Salman Khan, is under fire once again. This time, he's in hot water for making an insensitive comment about rape.

Khan made the comment to a journalist who was interviewing him about his upcoming film, Sultan

While describing how he wrestled in mud for long hours for the film, he stated, "When I used to walk out of the ring… it used to actually be like a raped woman walking out."

The audio below captures the moment when Khan made the comment.

In India, where an epidemic of rape is sweeping across the country and celebrities are worshipped as heroes, Khan's remark has triggered massive public outrage.

The National Commission for Women (NCW), a government-run body for women's rights, demanded a public apology from the star within seven days.

Lalitha Kumaramangalam, chairwoman of the NCW, hit the nail on the head with her observant remark, "He has demonstrated the patriarchal mindset that is prevalent in this country — unfortunately he will get away with it."

Some of the social media tweets are as follows. 


Others have argued that the entire interview wasn't reported because Khan attempted to retract his statement after journalists had a fit of laughter.

Actress Kangana Ranaut found Khan's comment "extremely insensitive" but also reminded the trollers not to "point fingers at each other" in order to feel superior.

Brother Arbaaz Khan stated that Khan's intention wasn't bad. However, his attempt to underplay the poor comparison was as naive. He says, "It was just the kind of (statement) where we compare things — 'I worked like a donkey' so now people will say you used the word donkey so some animal activist will come after you."

Father Salim Khan tweeted in support of the star: 

#SalmanInsensitive and #SalmanMisquoted continue to trend on Twitter, but Khan has yet to make an apology or a comment on the matter.

What are your thoughts on the heated debate? Share your comments below. 

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