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Dealing With Financial Abuse In Marriage?

Anokhi DIY Culture & Lifestyle Oct 25, 2014


Financial Abuse, A Type Of Emotional Abuse, Is Just As Harmful As Physical Abuse.  It Is Important You Recognize The Signs Of Financial Abuse.

Everyone has the right to financial independence. If your partner – or someone else – is controlling your money or running up debts in your name, then this is financial abuse. If you’re experiencing financial abuse, there’s no need to struggle on alone.

Watch for these signs:

Monitoring Movement

The abuser studies where you go and how your money is spent by reviewing expenses and income.

Strict Budget

You are not involved in deciding what to purchase. You may be given a certain amount of money and a list of exactly what to buy. You may be forced to deposit your money in the abuser’s account.

Stealing Your Money

This includes spending all the money they make, as well as your income. It may also involve stealing your money, maxing out credit cards and stealing your social insurance number- even acquiring debt in your name.

Removes Options Of Income

Sabotaging your job position by forcing you to quit, making you show up late, affecting your work performance, all to reduce your income.

Withholding Basic Necessities

By depriving basic needs like food and water, the abused is forced to ask the abuser for these things, strengthening the dependence needed for the cycle of abuse to continue.

There are options and ways to develop safe escape plans.


·       Understand that the abusive behaviour directed towards you is not your fault. You deserve to be treated with respect.
·       It’s normal to believe the person will change, but you have to look out for your safety and well-being.
·       Seek help. Friends, family, police. This help can include a safe place,      or simply someone to talk to.
·       Make a list of emergency contacts.
·       Use the time your abuser is not home to your advantage. Develop a plan to leave the relationship.
·       Be ready to leave quickly and safely.

·       People are out there to help you. You are not alone. You can change your life. 

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