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Deepa Mehta And Your Numerology Questions Answered

Anokhi DIY Culture & Lifestyle Oct 13, 2015

For October’s star reading, I took a look at  the invincible Indo-Canadian film director and screenwriter Deepa Mehta.

Judging from her lustrious career to date it would seem that whatever project she takes on there's always a dose of controversy surrounding it, followed by a lot of success.

From the famed trilogy of  FireEarth and Water

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The question posed to me by ANOKHI MEDIA was:
Will Deepa Mehta have the same critical and commercial success with her latest flick Beeba Boys, which released in Canada on October 16, as her previous films? And, what else can we expect from the director who doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon?

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Here's what I discovered:
Right now she is going through one of the strongest cycles of her life. I don't foresee any major problem as far as money and fame is concerned for her new release Beeba Boys. However had she have chosen October 17th instead of  the 16th, it would have been better. For a good four years I do see her creativity progressing. 

Your August 2015 Questions Answered

Sam, February 12, 1975
I’ve had a couple of unsatisfying jobs since I moved from my hometown. Will I find one that excites me soon or should I just stay put where I am today?  
From the 12th of Feburary 2016 onwards you will be entering a rich and prosperous career phase. This period will last you one year. Whatever you achieve in this period will stay for a long time. Get ready to welcome this period.
Leena, December 6, 1948
Recently I had a big surgery. I wanted to know if I will have any complications with my recovery process?
Recovery will be slow I'm afraid because you are going through a period of Saturn which will be followed by Mars. These two planets take long as far as recovery is concerned. You will be fully recovered by September 30th, 2016.
Ranj, November 19, 1976
Will there ever be a better financial/job opportunity for me so I’m able to offer my family a better standard of life? 
Things will start getting better from November 19th of this year onwards but the period you are hoping for will not kick off until January 1st, 2017. Hang in there until then.

If you have a question you're dying to know the answer to, just email it along with your date of birth (and the time, to be precise) to

Until next month!

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Rajeev K. Sharma

Rajeev K. Sharma


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