Five Designers, Five Signature Drinks

In celebration of World MasterCard Fashion Week 2014 which took place last week, Kim Crawford Wine partnered with Robin Goodfellow to create five couture cocktails inspired by five designer 's which showcased during the week.

The Crawford Cobbler Inspired By Hayley Elsaesser

·       75ml Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc
·       15ml Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc syrup (2 parts sugar: 1 part Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc)*
·       20ml lemon juice
·       4 dashes Peychaud’s bitters
·       Garnish: blackberry, raspberry, and pineapple skewer. Served on crushed ice
·       Bring 250ml of Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc to a boil, add 500g of sugar and reduce heat. Stir until fully dissolved then chill.

Goodfellow says Hayley's style is easily relatable – given her combinations of prints and colours that are still cutting edge and explosive with cuts and stitches. Since the Sherry cobbler was the first drink you could order at a bar, he used Sauvignon in two ways to create this signature drink.

The Kim Crawford Punch Inspired By Mikhael Kale

·       45ml Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc
·       15ml Green chartreuse
·       22ml Lime juice
·       5ml Maraschino liqueur
·       5ml Dr. Adam's Teapot Bitters.
·       10ml Grenadine (sunken)
·       Topped with Soda water
·       Garnish: Brandied Cherry

Kale’s designs are an extension of the wearer, and Kim Crawford Punch changes flavour and colour as the drinker moves from room to room, says Goodfellow. He continues to say wine works “in punches” and the Sauvignon Blanc adds something more.

No ‘New Zealand’ Friends Inspired By Sid Neigum

·       30ml Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc
·       30ml Dark Rum
·       30ml Campari
·       Garnish: Flamed Orange Zest and hand carved brick of ice.

“There is a clear dark side to Sid's designs,” says Goodfellow. “He uses complex stitching and unique shaping usually in a single colour to make his point. I wanted to stay true to his style by making a twist on a classic called an 'Old Pal' which slightly inspired the name. The large cube or hand chipped ice pays homage to the shapes Sid creates.”

KC Martini Inspired By Stephan Caras

·       45ml Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc
·       30ml Vodka
·       15ml Elderflower liqueur
·       Garnish: Lemon Zest and edible Orchid

According to Goodfellow, Caras’ doesn’t follow trends. His designs are classic, and nothing says that better than a martini. He continues to say his designs are feminine. He describes the KC Martini as “elegant, feminine and delicious” with the help of the elderflower liqueur. The goal of the drink is to reduce the “alcohol by volume” than to promote the Kim Crawford taste.

The Kim Club Inspired By Pink Tartan

“The pink ribbon wrapped around the glass evokes confidence and can immediately change one’s attitude when carrying it around a party or making it at home, similar to donning something from Pink Tartan,” says Goodfellow. “The notes of Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc make this Cedar Gin and Tonic slightly less as sweet as the popular classic gin and tonic.”

·       60ml Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc
·       30ml Cedar-infused gin*
·       60ml Tonic
·       Garnish: Grapefruit zest

 **To speed up the process: add 100g of cedar flakes to 100 ml of Gin. Shake periodically for 30 minutes. Fine strain with cheese cloth and re-bottle.

Tell us which one of these sounds the most appealing to you.

Images courtesy of Narrative PR


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