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Discovery Explores India’s Living Traditions

Anokhi DIY Culture & Lifestyle Travel & Recreation Nov 08, 2014

A Journey Through India's Unexplored Culture And Heritage

Do you want to learn more about India’s cultural hidden gems? Discovery Channel’s new production, 'India Living Traditions' focuses on unveiling the lesser-known cultural practices of the colourful and vibrant country. The first show which premiered on October 20th, showcased a bird’s eye view of India’s traditions, art forms and culture prevalent since the ancient times. 

As the Discovery Channel elaborates, "The half hour episode comprises of three segments. Each segment told a story of one tradition, with lead characters and narration. The pace varies according to the context, story and sequence in the narrative. Through the 3 stories ‘India: Living Traditions' straddles ancient and contemporary India, whilst being celebratory in nature. It is designed to elicit wonder and a sense of discovery in the minds of the viewer, along with feeling of joy, pride and a 'Wow! I didn’t know that!' It’s an ode to India’s rich cultural heritage and traditions that are fast disappearing or transforming rapidly. In the coming episodes the focus will be on Kerala’s Theyyam, Bengal’s Patua, and the Rural Olympics of Punjab revealing how these communities practice their customs. As well as investigate and explore myths, folklores, festivals, performing arts and crafts of these lesser known communities."

Discovery Executive VP, GM South Asia Rahul Johri informs Television Post, “Discovery Channel’s new production ‘India: Living Traditions’ is an illustrious presentation of the country’s vibrant culture and mystique. Showcasing diversity and richness of incredible India through Discovery Channel’s prism, the programme puts spotlight on some of the country’s varied traditions that are fast disappearing or transforming rapidly.”

India's Tradition

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Another powerful aspect of this show is that it shows India’s rich culture as it is suspended culturally between the contemporary, cosmopolitan India with the still-alive traditional practices from ancient India. Even though the show’s approach is celebratory, the show hopes to engage the viewer and give him or her sense of discovery. Subsequently, the show is also an ode to India’s multi-faceted and rich cultural heritage and traditions!

The ongoing series will present colourful ritual dance of Kerala in the city of Theyyam which pays homage to the worship of heroes and ancestral spirits. This dance is believed to bring prosperity and health to the members of the community. However, your journey to India has not stopped yet. While watching the show, you will be transported to different parts of India including West Bengal known for Patua painting, which is a form of scroll painting, which couples the craftsmen‘s talent of arts and craft with that of storytelling! Finally, you will get to learn more about the Kila Raipur Rural Olympics, a festival that has lasted for over sixty years and attracts competitors for more all over the world!

? In case you missed the first episode, catch the repeat at Nov 9, 4 PM IST. Here's a little tease for you.

Feature Image Source & Video: Discovery Channel


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