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DIY: How To Make A Table Top Paper Craft Diwali Lantern

Anokhi DIY Culture & Lifestyle Home Space Oct 16, 2016

The Festival of Lights is just around the corner and we’ve got the perfect afternoon project to get the kids into the spirit.

Check out this simple paper craft Diwali lantern that’s quick, easy and loads of fun to make.

What you need:

– Coloured construction paper
– Scissors
– Stapler or glue stick
– Pencil and eraser
– Ruler
– Stickers, bindis or ribbons for decoration

Step 1

Fold a rectangular sheet of construction paper in half, lengthwise. We’ve used a 9×12 inch piece.

Step 2

Using the ruler, draw a faint straight line one inch from and parallel to the edge of the sheet. On the folded edge, mark and draw perpendicular lines at a half inch distance from each other, to meet the parallel line above.

Step 3


Cut along the perpendicular lines from the folded edge up to the parallel line. For younger children, using kids safety scissors is best. Gently erase the parallel line and unfold the sheet

Step 4


Decorate with stickers, bindis or any other colourful notions. This is where the kids can really get their creative juices flowing.

Step 5


Once you’re done decorating, bring the edges of the sheet together and overlap slightly. Glue or staple them together at the top and bottom.

Step 6


Add a handle to your lantern by cutting a 1×6 inch strip of paper and gluing the ends to opposite sides of the top edge, on the inner side.

And voila!


Place a a flameless LED candle in the centre and enjoy.


You can experiment with different types of paper and different sizes, or even hang them up around the house as colourful decorations.

All Images Courtesy: Dilshad Burman
Main Image Photo Credit: Dilshad Burman

Dilshad Burman

Dilshad Burman


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