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Dr. Cabbie Starring Vinay Virmani & Kunal Nayyar

Anokhi DIY Entertainment & Gossip Aug 10, 2014

Get ready for a wild ride with Dr. Cabbie, set to release September 19.

Salman Khan is back at it again bringing a new comedy to the big screen with his latest project, Dr. Cabbie. The film is co-produced by the star and presented by SKBH Productions, and set to launch across North America.

Starring Vinay Virmani, Adrianne Palicki, Kunal Nayyar and Isabelle Kaif, it follows the story of a young Indian doctor who moves to Toronto, only to find himself unemployed because his medical degree isn't recognized in Canada. He turns from being a doctor into a cab driver, until he becomes a local hero when he converts his taxi into a mobile clinic.

Dr. Cabbie shot
Scene from Dr. Cabbie


The story depicts the immigrant's selfless ambition to heal others in a land dubbed full of "opportunity". This heartwarming comedy will no doubt strike a chord in many immigrants.  

In speaking of the project, Canadian actor Vinay Virmani said, "I couldn't be more delighted to work with such a professional and dedicated cast and crew."

The movie also features The Big Bang Theory star Kunal Nayyar in his first major film role. Nayyar plays a local cabbie who shows Virmani's Deepak the ropes.

Dr. Cabbie still
Deepak (Vinay Virmani) and Natalie (Adrianne Palicki) in Dr. Cabbie


Director Jean-Francois Pouliot says, "Dr. Cabbie is a timeless story that audiences will identify with, blending social issues and the journey to find one's place in the world." He goes on to add, "We are thrilled to have such a talented cast tell this humorous and heartwarming story."

Dr. Cabbie opens in theatres across North America on September 19. Check out the official Dr. Cabbie trailer below and tell us what you think.  

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