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Eliminating March Break Madness With The Kids

Anokhi DIY Culture & Lifestyle Mar 13, 2014

With the kids out for March break, parents may have their hands full with these beings of bottomless amounts of energy. The air is still cool from final winter days and the budget may not allow a vacation; but there are at home activities we can do with our kiddos that will appeal to all interests.

For the theatrical royalty in your life:

If all your home is a stage, gather up some dress up clothes – this could be last year’s Halloween garb or a sheet/cape – and clear some space for a stage. Have the kids perform for each other, or even their stuffed animals. They will get lost in make believe.


Depending where we are in the world, some may be building snowmen while others are enjoying a family bike ride. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, children and adolescents should be getting at least an hour of physical activity a day.  


Some great science experiments can be done at home using stuff that is already around the house. Whether it be going with the timeless baking soda volcano or making a can move without touching it. A fancy foamy fountain or balloon rocket is sure to keep kids occupied and interested. You may even learn something.

Arts and Crafts 

Not only will the children use their creativity, this is a chance to learn about recycling as well. Old crayons can be melted into cake tins to make new shaped crayons or egg cartons can become alligators. has many ideas for your crafty kidlet.


The great outdoors offers plenty of space to run around, but can also be the setting for a scavenger hunt  or a nature walk with the family. Bring a camera to capture memories.
It’s the time of year that can be great for family fun, but we all need a little extra help with planning. Make the most of the time the kids are home, and make sure to take a good long nap as soon as the school doors re-open. 

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Hillary Di Menna

Hillary Di Menna


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