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End Pain The Natural Way

Anokhi DIY Culture & Lifestyle Oct 14, 2014

Get Rid Of Drugs To Help With Chronic Pain, It Is Time To Think Natural

People all over the world suffer from chronic pain, and painkillers such as Vicodin, Percocet and OxyContin have become the norm in controlling it. This treatment however can be worse in many cases, making you weak and according to the Centers for Disease Control, a number of people die from the medicine they use to end pain.

"Death is just one of the many side effects of heavy-duty pharmaceuticals, and researchers unanimously agree that addiction to painkillers has risen drastically in recent years. People are so focused on pain that they miss the fact that it is a signal of deeper health problems," says Dr. Frank King, a doctor of naturopathy, president of King Bio, and author of The Healing Revolution.

Here are some ways to manage the pain you're experiencing without using heavy pharmaceuticals.

Identify The Root Causes Of Your Pain

This may not be easy, but it is very important, as pain is a sign that there are deeper problems. Think of it as the warning lights on your car’s dashboard, telling you something inside is wrong. You can try to mask the pain with prescription drugs, or you can look for the root problem- which is the more natural holistic approach.

Make Smart Choices

Many chronic conditions are a result of poor lifestyle choices. Start slow by getting your daily dose of physical activity. Eat healthier and sleep for the minimum amount required, eliminate bad habits and watch as your health starts to increase and your pain starts to decrease.

Look Into Homeopathy

Homeopathy predates modern medicine as it is safe, with no known side effects or drug use. They target the root cause, and not the superficial pain.


For some people, using relaxation, imagery, distraction, and skin stimulation can help reduce pain. Relaxation can relieve pain and may be able to keep it from getting worse, by reducing muscle tension. Use yoga or other forms of meditation to try and relax and relieve tension from your body.
With pain medication, you may not always be treating the problem at the source; pain can linger around for longer than usual when it is not properly taken care of.

Make sure to consult your physician when you are feeling any pain.

Do you have any natural remedies you swear by? Share with us below. 

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