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OC TV: Fashion Retail Expert, Hitha Prabhakar

Media Open Chest TV Jan 16, 2014

Hitha is a retail analyst, author and journalist. With a master’s degree from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, Hitha has served as a correspondent for Bloomberg Television, Forbes Media & is currently with CNBC. She has also written for numerous magazines including Time & People. As a retail & consumer-spending expert, she is often seen on various television networks including NBC, Fox & Sky News. In 2011, she authored the book ‘Black Market Billions’ that talks about how stolen & counterfeit merchandise funds global terrorists.

[blockquote]Hitha’s ‘game changing moment’? In 2006, she rose through the ranks to become the first national style editor of Metro newspapers, and is now considered the premier expert in the global retail fashion scene.[/blockquote]

I had the pleasure of chatting with Hitha when she came to Toronto for ANOKHI’s 10th Anniversary event last year, to be honoured. There’s no doubt why this straight shooter is at the top of her game: hard work, dedication and in her own submission, “no sleep”! If you’re aspiring for a career in fashion media, this interview is definitely for you!

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Adil Hirji

Adil Hirji


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