Blue Therapy (Lift and Blur) Helps Fight Anti-Aging Immediately 

As women age, six out of ten become extremely concerned with sagging facial skin and lack of firmness, according to company studies. Study results also show that 65 per cent of women, who are 50 years old, complain that their skin is not firm and that 20 out of 27 signs of aging are located at the bottom part of the face.

To help combat this problem, Biotherm has developed Blue Therapy: Lift and Blur (50 ml- $82 cdn), a revolutionary product designed to keep your skin glowing. Results show that the moment the cream touches your skin it spreads, smoothing wrinkles and softening irregularities, showing results in seven seconds. As the cream spreads, wrinkles are smoothed and the face is given a visible lift, revealing a youthful look.

Blue Therapy Ultra Blur

Blue Therapy (Lift and Blur) before and after results 

Biotherm uses aquatic formulas in Blue Therapy containing golden algae L. UCHROLEUCA, Thermal Plankton and a highly concentrated A. FLOS-AQUAE extract known as Blue Retinol. Found in Upper Klamath Lake in Oregon, United States, the extract is auto-generating and protein-rich. Once it is extracted from the lake, the algae are placed through a filtration and evaporation process, making sure its biological properties remain steady and firm, just like your skin.

In addition to Lift and Blur, Blue Therapy Ultra-Blur (30 ml- $49 cdn) works to treat crow’s feet, nasal folds, and visible pores that sag and make the skin look dull.

biotherm blue therapy ultra-blur

Blue Therapy Ultra-Blur

According to L’Oreal, the brand learned that 80 percent of the signs of aging are due to external factors, while 20 per cent are inevitable due to natural aging. Ultra Blur is a filler that smoothens those fine lines, wrinkles and large pores. The light diffusion technology is great for South Asian skin tones which produces more melanin and is prone to hyperpigmentation. 

These new creams provide nothing less than nourishment and freshness, while creating a cushion sensation with silicon elastomers. A one quick experiment is to apply a small amount of Ultra Lift and blur with circular movements on your right palm, you will notice smoothing and illuminating effects immediately. Thereafter apply the targeted solution, Blue Therapy Ultra- Blur to the lines on your palm. Dab the product gently on the lines. In a few seconds you will see all the lines have blurred. Finally, compare your two hands and voilà, your wrinkles would have disappeared instantly.

Give it a try and share your Blue Therapy results by leaving a comment below.

Source and images courtesy of Biotherm


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