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Gadgets That Have Changed Our Lives Forever

Anokhi DIY Business & Technology Oct 31, 2014

Influential Gadgets That Have Influenced Our Lifestyles! 

It is hard to imagine navigating a long distance drive without a GPS, or not having data at the touch of our fingertips to solve our everyday problems. We may not have reached the era of time machines yet, but we certainly have outdone ourselves in making technological gadgets that are consumer friendly and efficient.


Having smartphones, like a Samsung Galaxy or an iPhone, has revolutionized the way in which we lead our lives. With a simple touch of a button, we have access to infinite apps such as Facebook Messenger, Viber, and Whatzapp – all of which are examples of how it has become easier to communicate with those  all around the world. All you need is Wi-Fi or a data connection to get you in the know: the phone is now more than just a device that allows two people to vocally communicate with each other. Furthermore, with smartphones you also need not carry a boom box or the ancient CD player, just download your music, or a music app like Saavn, and there you have it, music at your fingertips!


There were times when we would have had to sit down and look at a map, after finding one, to figure out where to go. GPS (Global Positioning System) was first available in cars or as an add-on device in vehicles. Nowadays, GPS is available on your smartphones too. One of the best features of the GPS is the way in which it can recalculate the route even if you are lost or confused in a new city or a new state.  


Instead of having multiple CDs, or just one CD to keep you occupied for an hour, iPods allow listeners to upload all the songs they enjoy. With a weight of just a few grams, the convenience of having music at any time is easy. Songs can go in alphabetical order or can play at random. You can have different playlists to listen to for when you’re studying or going to the gym. People can also rewind, fast forward and hear the name of the song they’re listening to. You never have to be without music.

Digital Camera

Before, we’d buy film , click, and shoot. Now we can see the image right after we take it. We can make it brighter, darker or sharpen it. There is no need to use film. A memory card can be inserted into the computer and all the photos you’ve taken are saved. And no need to wait long for the pictures. Kiosks can print pictures from the camera, the memory card, an email, Dropbox, even Facebook. 

Digital TV

Eliminating commercials, need I say more? When watching TV now, the viewer can record shows for a later time. During the show one can pause and return to the show the exact time they stopped it. Not to mention there are high definition channels to watch shows first and some channels have no advertisements so quality programs without any interruptions. The next innovation, 3D TV.

What new gadgets have simplified your life?

Feature Image Source: Huffingtonpost


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