Whip Up A Great Halloween Look In No Time

Halloween is quickly approaching and as a makeup artist it is one of my favourite holidays. Here are a couple easy-to-achieve looks.

cal look, halloween, Cat

The trick to a stellar cat look is in the contouring and highlighting. Make sure to highlight the bridge of your nose, chin, under the eyes and cheeks (where kitty whiskers would be). Blend bronzer, making a moon shape, onto your forehead. Keep blending until it looks like your face has markings.
I like cat makeup to have a bit of a sexy factor; a smoky eye is perfect. Apply dark eye shadow to your lids, and blend upwards as well as outwards. 
False lashes create a dramatic effect.  Apply a little duo surgical adhesive and apply the false lashes as close to your eye line as possible.  Allow glue to dry and curl the falsies along with you natural lashes to prevent a “double lash” look. Apply eyeliner and wing out for the “cat eye” look. 
Use black face paint, or a black eye line, to create a little cat nose, as well as a few dots and whiskers on the cheeks.
Apply some red lipstick to the bottom lip.
To create markings you can use a coloured pencil or cut a sponge into small pieces and draw the kind of markings you would like to create a “stamp.” 

witch look, halloween, make upWitch

To get this look, simply pale out your complexion. Using a dark brown shadow, contour around your jaw, bridge of nose, forehead and chin to create “decay.”
Next, using a pencil or eyeliner brush, to emphasize your brows and create a “mean” effect.
For a smoky with eye, applying a dark purple eye shadow to your lids, as well as underneath, as close to the eye line as possible.  Using a lighter, purple shadow, apply and blend well on the outer edges of the dark purple shadow.  False lashes are a must for this look- the more dramatic the better. Use two sets and emphasize the bottom.
For this particular look, contacts are used to emphasize the eyes. Contacts are available at most theatre and art stores around Halloween time without a prescription although this is optional.
Stitches or little designs may be drawn on with a fine black pencil. 
Line lips with red lip liner and fill lips in with red lipstick. If you want added scariness, pop some blood capsules in your mouth (it is just food colouring with corn syrup) and allow the blood to pour.
Hair should be messy or a gnarly wig may be worn to finish off the witch look.

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Natalia Zurawska

Natalia Zurawska


Natalia Zurawska is a professional hair & make-Up artist.  She has worked on many editorials for leading fashion and wedding magazines. Her make up artistry and hair styling have been seen in Anokhi Magazine, Vogue Italia Pelle, Driven, La'G, Caribbean Bride and many more.  Con...


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