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Henna Contouring: The Latest Makeup Trick To Master

Anokhi Buzz Anokhi DIY Entertainment & Gossip Aug 31, 2015

If you thought that your contouring days were over, think again. "Henna contouring" is the newest makeup secret to get you a flawless face.

Contouring is the professional makeup technique that people are now trying for themselves at home. It became a YouTube craze after Kim Kardashian posted videos of herself and her contouring regime. 

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People always questioned how Kim Kardashian managed to get that chiselled chin look and perfect makeup balance. She then confirmed all her beauty secrets when she shared videos on her Instagram and Snapchat that revealed her contouring routine. Kim also shared a photo with makeup artist Joyce Bonelli, who asked Kim to suck in her lips to show off her natural grooves in her cheeks, which would then be filled with bronzer. This sent YouTube gurus into a "copycat" video frenzy to show viewers at home just how to get that amazing makeup look.
The craze took a new turn when "clown contouring" hit YouTube with a user called belladelune, who decided to use different shades all over her face, making her look a little like a clown. She then blended the colours together to leave her with a flawless look.
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Anastasia Beverly Hills, a brand favoured by Kim Kardashian, is offering a $10,000 prize to the contestant with the best 60-second sculpting video. Lead makeup artist Shahina Aslam put a spin on contouring by using the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour and highlighting kits. She decided to use the ancient art of henna in her technique by drawing pretty patterns around her face in different shades using powder, liquid and pencil products, replacing the older solid shapes before blending them all together. The blending was actually unfortunate, as the patterns looked amazing!

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Is this a makeup trick craze you're willing to try? Learn how to henna contour your face, even if it's just for fun. Check out the video below!

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