The sun, Sand And Salty Beach Water: Paradise For Some, Beauty Nightmare For Others.

If you've got typical South Asian heavy hair where humidity frizzes up your do, the heat causes you sweaty break outs and sunburn ravages your skin, then check out my tips below to find out what you can do to prepare for some fun in the sun.

Beauty starts from the inside, so remember to stay hydrated. Trade your sugary drink for a glass of water once or twice. It will refresh your skin and it's good for your waistline too! For extra hydration, drink coconut water — sometimes straight from the palm trees on your beach!

Always remember to apply lotion after taking a shower. Take aloe vera cream or gel to cool your skin after being in the sun all day.

Protection from the sun
When buying your sunscreens, get a separate product made just for the face to avoid breakouts. Also carry a pack of travel-size moisturizing towelettes for your beach bag to wipe your face clean before reapplying sunscreen. Don’t forget to travel with a lip balm with SPF.

Lighten up your make-up
If you want to apply make-up on your vacation, the good news is that you'll already be glowing thanks to the Caribbean sun, so you won’t need much. Swap your foundation for a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream instead; you're not going to match your foundation with that gorgeous tan anyway. Once applied, set it with a powder, which will also keep the shine to a minimum. Wear peach or pink blush to liven up your cheeks. Bring a cheek and lip stain for dual-purpose convenience.

Also carry a vanilla eyeshadow to highlight the centre of your lids, your brow bone, down your nose bridge, the high points of your cheek and your cupid's bow. Make sure you blend it well with your fingers. Remember: a little bit goes a long way.

Apply eyeliner and waterproof mascara to complete the look. I sometimes like to carry green or blue eyeliner to bring some tropical drama to my eyes. 

Hair care
To keep the frizz to a minimum, keep your hair tied beach-side in island braids. Carry a cute hat or throw on a light scarf when lying out in the sun to reduce sun damage. After a shower, apply leave-in conditioner to weigh down your hair and lock in moisture.

With all these tips, you should look like an island queen on your trip!

Title image courtesy of Lady May Pamintuan
All product images courtesy of Walmart Beauty
Blue eyeliner image courtesy of Nisha A

Naemah Abid

Naemah Abid


Born in Saudi Arabia and originally from Pakistan, this Canadian immigrant is all too familiar with airport life. After taking her first pleasure trip abroad post-graduation, Naemah was hit with the travel bug. Find this frequent traveller sharing pictures and experiences, offering up advice and tra...


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