Bingemans Camping Resort
425 Bingemans Centre Drive
Kitchener, Ontario
N2B 3X7
Tel: (519) 744-1002
Toll Free: 1-800-565-4631
Fax: (519) 744-1985

A weekend in the wilderness might not be your cup of tea. The thought of being cut off from civilization, no wireless connections or city life. While this might sound perfect for the "Wilderbee" who loves nature, for the novice camper it might not be so much.

Bingemans' offers a solution Glamping, the outdoor fun of camping with the comfort of a five star hotel. Who would not love the luxury of a gate controlled access location with a stunning view overlooking the Grand River? Located in Southern Ontario in the heart of Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph and Cambridge, Bingemans Camping Resort provides over 450 composites within close range to all major communities.

Enjoy your stay with the family, a day of unlimited access to park activities like the Big Splash waterpark, FunworX Indoor Playland and Glen Ridge Golf courses; prices ranges from $210 – $250 CDN per night. A simply relaxing weekend for two rejuvenation and good ol' fashion pampering at Gina's Spa, with the option to add a personal chef dinner or premium picnic basket and a movie night. All add-ons range from $19.95 – $225 CDNper person.



All offers come with a standard night stay in a spacious yurt rental (a free standing tent with hard walls and a door) two queen size beds with full linens, fridge and chandelier lighting.

If you are still not completely sold on camping, here are some quick tips courtesy of Mark Bingeman, to assist in making your camping experience more enjoyable.

Try rubbing a regular bar of soap to remove scorching from the bottom of pans with no hassle. Hate bugs? Finely chop garlic and mix it with water to create a natural insect repellant and spray around your site to keep insects away.

I do not know about you, but camping does not sound that bad after all. All events and further details on packages are available online or speak with a Glamping expert concierge for more details.


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