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How-To Attain Spiritual Fitness

Anokhi Spotlight TV Health & Wellness Jun 04, 2014

We've all set health goals for ourselves such as losing weight, building muscle or eating clean, but have you ever thought about your spiritual fitness level?

On this week's 'Health & Wellness' episode of ANOKHI Daily Spotlight TV, we are joined by Fitness & Spiritual Trainer, Farhan Dhalla who talks to us about how we can connect with our spirit for health & wellness by teaching the following:

1. What Is Spiritual Fitness?
2. How To Connect With Our Spirits
3. Tips For Spiritual Fitness

Click to watch this episode to learn how you can connect with your spirit in 4 simple steps, and gain tips to being heart-centered throughout your life.

Tune in every Wednesday for more 'Health & Wellness' episodes of ANOKHI Daily Spotlight TV at 12pm EST.

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Photo Credit: Farhan Dhalla

Daniel Pillai

Daniel Pillai


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