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How To Pack A Nutritious Lunchbox

Anokhi Spotlight TV Health & Wellness Oct 08, 2014

With our busy schedules, missing a meal is all too common, but don't forget that eating lunch is just as important as eating breakfast or dinner

On today's 'Health and Wellness' episode of ANOKHI Daily Spotlight TV ,host and expert Dimple Don-Liyanage shares a few easy ideas on how to pack a nutritious lunch by outlining three simple tips to follow: 

1. Pack Fresh Produce
2. Get Creative With Your Lunches 
3. Pack Easy-To-Eat Snacks 

Click this episode to also learn Dimple's quick and easy tips on how you can make lunch a meal full of essential vitamins and nutrients. 

Tune in every Wednesday for more 'Health & Wellness' episodes of ANOKHI Daily Spotlight TV at 12pm EST. 

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