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ICCC Celebrates International Women’s Day

Anokhi DIY Business & Technology Mar 06, 2014

International Women’s Day annually cultivates thousands of events all over the world to inspire, empower and celebrate women’s achievements.

In an attempt to honor and celebrate the day, the Indo Canada Chamber of Commerce will be holding their own annual celebrations on the big day by way of a woman's panel discussion. The event will take place on March 8, 2014 from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm at the Pearson Convention Center in Brampton, Ontario.

The event will bring together women of different careers to reflect and participate in discussion. The panel will consist of the Indo community’s positive influential and successful leading women.


The discussion panelist at this year’s event include the following women, Dr. Usha George, Professor and Dean of Ryerson University; Asha Luthra, Director of Balmoral Marketing and Former President of ICCC; Sunita Malik, Crown Attorney; and Sarab Hans, Managing Director of Hans Dairy as well as our own President and CEO Raj Girn of ANOKHI MEDIA . 

The theme of the event is: “Success – a woman’s perspective.” 

The women on the panel were personally selected for their achievements and leadership and will be sharing their insights and ideas of a woman’s perceptive of success.

The panel’s purpose is to have the event inspire, share and guide its members in influencing a positive society for women. 
The Indo Canada Chamber of Commerce will be among thousands across the world coming this March 8, celebrating international women’s achievements whether they be personal goals, career advancements or just simply celebrating how far the women's movement has come.   
If you wish to know more about the Indo Canada Chamber of Commerce event and register, click on the link below.

More on the 2014 panelists of Indo-Canadian women leaders:

Dr Usha

Dr. Usha George is currently the professor and Dean for Ryerson University for the faculty of community services. She attained her Ph.D in Sociology from Ahmadu Bello University in Nigeria. Her university teaching has been in the area of social work serving diverse communities.

Full details click link:
Asha Luthra is the Director of Balmoral Marketing and was former President of Indo- Canada Chamber of Commerce. She is known by her executive associates to be very personable and organized in business planning and strategies.
Full details click link:

girnRaj Girn is the President and CEO of ANOKHI MEDIA. She founded the award-winning international fashion, lifestyle & entertainment magazine ANOKHI Magazine in 2002 and since then heads up a multi-media platform known as ANOKHI MEDIA which comprises of online, print, video and an extensive Social Media platform. 

Full details click link:

sunita malik

Sunita Malik is a criminal lawyer and the Assistant Crown Attorney for the Etobicoke region. She’s a volunteer for the Canadian Association of South Asian Lawyers.

Also, serves as a vert active volunteer in mentoring youth at risk for the Ontario Justice Education Network.

Full details click link:
Sarab Hans has been the Managing Director of Hans Dairy for several years. She has been proven her skills in marketing strategy and project management. She was also key in conducting the dairy processing facility, where she educated participants in sessions on the process of creating milk. 
Full details click link:

Join the ladies in discussion and come out to celebrate International Women's Day! 

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