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Is Your Biological Clock Ticking?

Anokhi DIY Culture & Lifestyle Fitness & Nutrition Dec 07, 2014

You May Be Young And Fabulous, But Your Biological Clock Doesn’t Care For Your Career, Killer Body Or Impromptu Trips To Tahiti. 

As you age, the pressure and anxiety to have children especially in South Asian families increases.

According to psychologist Jo Lukins, from Peak Performance Psychology, the term ‘biological clock' is often used to refer to "the increased maternal instincts of (particularly) women as they get older". She says this occurs while the "perceived and actual ‘window' of opportunity to become pregnant reduces". In other words: the older you get, the cluckier you become, and yet the lower your chances are of getting pregnant.

The biological clock starts to tick as you age and the chances of having a baby, grows slimmer with time. As women are becoming more career-oriented, they don't seem to be starting a family till they are in their mid-30s. While it is encouraging for women to pursue their dreams and build their careers, their biological clock is a cause of anxiety and severe depression to some to become mothers.

Jani R. Jensen, MD and Assistant Professor of Reproductive endocrinology at the Mayo Clinic states, “There’s no proven bodily sign that "it's time." In the medical world, the term "biological clock" refers as much to circadian or basal rhythms as to baby making. As a fertility buzz-phrase, it's "more of a press term."

Don’t let the anxiety and pressure of the biological clock take over your life.

Here are some facts about your biological clock:

You can Freeze Your Eggs

USC Fertility Organization recommends that women who want to or need to delay childbearing should freeze their eggs. According to them, freezing eggs at an early reproductive age will ensure a chance of future pregnancy. Unlike eggs, the uterus can carry a baby until you are fifty years old. The eggs can be stored at the temperature of -196 degrees Celsius and will remain fertile till you decide to become pregnant.

According to the Telegraph, Apple and Facebook are offering their female employees the ability to freeze eggs as part of their health benefit plans this coming year in January.

It Runs In the Family

Professor Bill Ledger, a professor of obstetrics and gynaecology at The Royal Hospital for Women and advisor to Clearblue says “So if mum had children at 45 and grandma had children at 45, that woman as an individual is likely to be blessed with a long fertile lifespan. So she's under less pressure than someone where Mum and Grandma both had their menopause in their late 30s to early 40s." He goes on to say, “Secondly, don't believe everything that you read about movie stars because some of the women who've had kids in their late 40s, such as film stars, have used donor eggs, but they don't tell you that in the article because it's their own private business.”

Don’t Rush

South Asian youth community has been facing societal pressure for years to get married and start a family. They feel pressure not just from their society.

The most salient observance is made by Meena Jogia, a counsellor who acts as the manager for the Asian Family Counselling service in Birmingham, UK and observes, “In our culture, there is often a list filled with boxes to tick. Culturally, we are very aware of this list. There is an expectation that by a certain age, you will be married, you will have a child, you will have a house. By 30, people think they should be having a child by that age.” However, she advises there is no need to rush into marriage just for the sake of having kids as it will result in unhappy unions and increase divorces.
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