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Kangana Ranaut Is A Force To Be Reckoned With

Anokhi Buzz Anokhi DIY Entertainment & Gossip Sep 14, 2015

Kangana Ranaut is known for making some pretty bold controversial statements. Has it come to the point where we wouldn't expect anything less?

She was recently asked what she thought the industry term "just good friends" meant and the Katti Batti actress responded with a statement that shouldn't surprise anyone, saying, "'just good friends' actually stands for f*ck buddy who has been slightly promoted." Slightly candid, but then again what would you expect from one of the most outspoken Bollywood actresses of today.

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Ranaut is often said to be very arrogant and this side of her came across in a recent interview that struck a cord with fellow actress Divya Dutta. Ranaut stated, "I started from B grade films and today I'm the number one actress of this country . . . Whereas other actresses, whom you might call my contemporaries, they have had no growth in whatever platform they were launched . . . they are still there and have not risen to another platform."

Before the national awards announcement, Ranaut voiced her opinion (again) about not receiving the other awards which were taken by Priyanka Chopra saying, "I was supposed to get all the awards. You think we don't come to know beforehand".

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When talking about herself being (reportedly) one of the highest paid actresses in Bollywood today, Ranaut felt this was something everyone understood. Following her successful role in Queen and Tanu Weds Manu Returns, Ranaut has signed a new film for Rs 11 crore. Whilst at an event she said, "I think the kind of roles or films I do it literally takes a year . . . so, I think it is justified." Was this a dig at other actresses? Was she trying to say they don't work as hard as she does or don't have demanding roles?

Ranaut's digs are not always at fellow actresses, and maybe her digs at times can be justified. She was offered Rs 2 crore to endorse a fairness cream, however in true Kangana Ranaut style, she turned down the endorsement with a valid reason. She stated her sister Rangoli is dusky, yet beautiful and it would be an insult to her if she went ahead with the deal. 

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Ranaut's boldness could boil down to the fact that when starting in the industry, she was not treated well and even said she had to lodge police complaints against some people. ''At one point, I was ill treated, considered untouchable and rude things were said about me, despite no provocation from my side. I was mocked for my accent and then they made fun of my dressing sense. And most of all I was crucified for being an outsider in an island full of people with lineage. It was scary." Seems the Gangster actress had a hard time when she first started out.

The best part about Ranaut is that she is not afraid to admit that she is bold. Infact in one statement she said, "I am a very bold person. For seven to eight years, I was was not in touch with my parents. So I took the responsibility of every decision. My parents understand that . . .  being bold on the screen is not dangerous, but when it comes to your opinion and choices (in real life), that boldness is a lot more dangerous."

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"I remember having the biggest fights with my grandfather and everyone's jaw would just drop. Nobody had the guts to answer back to him and I was only 12 when I started doing so. He was an IAS officer and had lived all his life in Mumbai and for some strange reason he would always say that first all the males of the family would eat and then the females. I didn't approve of rules like that and would insist on joining the men at the table. He would leave the table."

Ranaut will next be seen alongside Imran Khan in Katti Batti. We wonder what bold statements she'll come up with in the future.

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