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OCTV: Lee Arenberg Pt. 2: Reveals The 101 On Hollywood Politics

Film & TV Open Chest TV Jun 08, 2016

Hollywood actor Lee ?Arenberg ?is a familiar face to many, having appeared in more than 30 movies like RoboCop 3 (1993), Dungeons & Dragons (2000), and best known for his work in Pirates of the Caribbean (2003), ABC’s Once Upon A Time (2011-2016) and his cameo roles in Seinfeld (1992-1997) and Friends (1998).

[blockquote]Lee has the remarkable ability to morph himself into frightening aliens, twisted psychotherapists, lascivious entertainment executives and everything in between, there’s no wonder he has a flourishing career which spans over 2 decades in TV, film and theatre.[/blockquote]

In part 2 of my intimate chat with him during my Open Chest Los Angeles Series, he talks to me about making the move to behind the camera to work in production as well as sharing with me how tough and liberating it is to be an actor in an ever changing industry.

So there’s never a chance that you’ll ever miss any of my exclusive convos with some of today’s most Intelligent. Provocative. Relevant. Celebrities, please join me here . . .








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