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OCTV: Lisa Ray Launches Fragrance With A Cause

Film & TV Open Chest TV Oct 02, 2016

Recently on International Peace Day (September 21st, 2016), acclaimed actress, model, T.V. host, entrepreneur, social activist, and dear friend of mine, Lisa Ray launched her “Lisa Ray Jasmine of India” perfume in collaboration with The 7 Virtues, a Canadian company living the mantra “Make Perfume Not War®.”

[blockquote]The 7 Virtues, founded by Barbara Stegemann, sources natural essential oils from regions impacted by war, in an effort to rebuild through the power of scent. I had the opportunity to sit and chat with both ladies, to find out why they felt that launching a perfume was the way to activate their next steps to the initiative.[/blockquote]

I would love to know what you think of my chat by taking a moment to leave a comment below, and so there’s never a chance that you’ll ever miss any of my exclusive future convos with some of today’s most Intelligent. Provocative. Relevant. celebrities & pop culture personalities, please join me here . . .









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