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Mani Jassal ‘Alamari’ Fashion Show Highlights

Anokhi Spotlight TV Fashion & Style Jun 22, 2017

Mani Jassal is a Toronto-based fashion designer, who recently launched her Spring/Summer 2017 collection entitled ‘Alamari’, inspired by her personal closet and Morocco (interesting combination). Check it out here along with our exclusive chat with her about things you didn’t know about this incredibly talented designer on the rise!

And some info about her to get you excited about why we feel she is going to be huge . . .

Keen on being part of the fashion industry at a young age, Mani pursued her dream, graduating with a degree in Fashion Design from Ryerson University. Her self-titled label is hand-made in Canada, and prides itself in its innovative and artistic approach to melding her South Asian heritage with her Canadian up bringing. From humble beginnings, sewing and designing from her at home studio, Mani Jassal now has a store in Brampton and her clothes are also carried at a PR Showroom in Los Angeles; Joplin Creative.

Mani Jassal’s substantial social media following and rapid growth globally proves the ever increasing demand for a brand like hers. She is committed to challenging and breaking boundaries, appealing to those with a taste for innovational original style. Her aesthetic is becoming widely recognized all across the world with her pieces being worn by celebrities worldwide. Her pieces have been worn on Canadian red carpet events like TIFF, CAFA, and ANOKHI. In LA, her pieces have been pulled for BET Awards, Emmy Awards and MTV Awards. Celebrity and influencers like Ashanti, Nazanin Mandi, Madison Beer, Bebe Rexha, Sonam Bajwa, Gigi Gorgeous are among the many that have adorned her pieces.

Her clothing has also been published in international and national magazines like Vanity Fair, ViceMagazine, Play Boy, Marie Claire and Stardust to name a few. She creates eclectic collections by diverging from established and conventional standards of south-asian fashion without completely neglecting the traditional gown.

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