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New Expecting Moms: What Steps To Take Once You Are Pregnant

Anokhi DIY Culture & Lifestyle Jul 09, 2013

The stage of early pregnancy is the time when the fun starts. When you can begin to share the wonderful news with your family and friends and start celebrating a new milestone in your life. Unfortunately, many new moms are not sure of the steps they should take once their pregnancy is confirmed. Here are some steps new expecting moms can take to ease into their new transition of their lives!

Make an Appointment with your midwife or doctor

As soon as you suspect that you are pregnant or after taking a home pregnancy test, it has been confirmed that you are indeed pregnant. Make an appointment with your gynecologist. Remember that many doctors do not schedule an appointment until after you have missed two periods but some practitioners may be willing to meet with you right away. They are a great resource for the questions you may have as a new mom. It is recommended though that you make the appointment as soon as possible in case you have questions with them regarding your health history. Pre-natal care appointments are usually scheduled after you are atleast eight weeks into your pregnancy. 

Calculate Your Due Date

Using online resources such as pregnancy date calculator. This is a great comprehensive resource that will help you to look forward to the big day when your baby arrives, but will also give you a personalized calendar informing you when you can hear the little one’s heartbeat or when you will know the sex of the baby. 


Just because you cannot drink alcoholic beverages during your pregnancy, it doesn’t mean that you cannot share a glass of sparkling cider with your friends and family. Many women plan for romantic dinners with their partners to share the news. Celebrating will not only ease your stress, but your health and wellbeing is great for both you and your new bundle of joy! 

Wear the right clothes 

Avoid wearing underwire bras, which have the possibility of restricting the growth of milk glands. Also, your body will be changing, as your hormones will increase your metabolism. Wearing light and looser clothes will keep you comfortable.

Eat a Balanced Diet 

From as early as 17 weeks, many studies indicate that the stress during pregnancy can affect the baby’s brain development. By eating well, you will have the energy with the daily stresses every day brings but also better nourishment will prevent you from being stressed out. Particularly, eating fish oil will maintain the stress hormone cortisol levels in your body. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables will also work to sustain your health. Eating spinach and apricots that have high levels of magnesium will help regulate stress levels. Spinach also has potassium that works to maintain lower blood pressure levels. Avocados are also great to have in your diet. Also, make sure your calcium intake is up. You don’t need to necessarily have milk but also look for orange juice, which is rich in calcium.

Avoid the Toxins 

While you don’t have to live in a protective bubble, make sure you consult with your prenatal caregiver about all the things that you should avoid for making sure that your baby is healthy. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, too much caffeine, some medications, and drugs like marijuana and other toxins. Make sure you work with your doctor and consult with them about certain activities such as travel, having sex, and so on.

Regular Exercise 

A little stress from exercise will not harm your baby but will only better your health. In the short term, it is a positive activity. Regular exercise can help with easing tension, help with stress hormones, and increase blood flow to the brain and heart. Doing yoga will help you more toned and help you with the delivery of your baby later on.

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