Open Chest TV / OCTV: Seema Gill Reveals Her Breast Cancer Journey- PT 1

OCTV: Seema Gill Reveals Her Breast Cancer Journey- PT 1

Open Chest TV Jan 18, 2017

In a new series called OPEN CHEST INSPIRATION, I speak to everyday people like Seema Gill, breast cancer survivor, who have extraordinary stories of motivation that I feel need to be shared to motivate us in our most challenging moments. My first such interview is with the outstandingly likeable Seema Gill in this Part 1 of a two-part interview . . .

At first glance, Seema Gill’s life may seem picture-perfect — and it is! She’s a successful, intelligent woman with depth, and she has a supportive husband to match as well as two beautiful daughters, who act as spiritual guides. Seema is happy and wears a smile on her face every day! But when you meet her and talk to her about life, inspiration and struggle, Seema opens up with a story you might not expect.

Seema is a breast cancer graduate. Over the past few years, her light has been filled with many peaks and valleys and many tests, but she’s survived with flying colours and with her wonderful family’s support.

The journey hasn’t been easy, but Seema speaks about her experience with such gratitude and happiness that it’s infectious.

In this first part of our two-part interview with Seema, I get the opportunity to meet the woman behind the struggle. Seema opens up to me about the various personal moments that led to her cancer discovery, how she broke the news to her family and how her family as an entire unit coped and survived together. Seema also talks to me about her innate spiritual journey as a woman and shows how the past few years have been a blessing and an eyeopening experience.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my interview with Seema next week, where she speaks about her personal advocacy for cancer treatments — including her opinion on the hot-button topic of cannabis oil . . . Enjoy!









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