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Priyanka Chopra & Your Numerology Questions Answered

Anokhi DIY Culture & Lifestyle Mar 20, 2015


Numerology Questions Answered For March 

For March, I decided to look at the Bollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra, who has recently been taking the West by storm.

What I discovered

2015 is a year of promotion and recognition for the actress. Until July 18, which is her birthday, her planetary position is parallel to none. Her superb months for this year will be April, June and September. As far as her American TV show, Quantico, is concerned (this is the pilot she's currently working on), it will become another feather in her cap. It's undoubtedly going to give her a name in the states and fame — and with all that comes money. However, she must take proper precautions during November and December if she is shooting for this serial. These precautions must relate to the relationship sector as well as health. She must get her blood checked regularly during this period. She is quite vulnerable in terms of infection — especially blood and urinary. Her troubled relationship could add more complications to her health. 

From July 18, 2016, onwards Priyanka will be entering a phase of emotional ups and downs that will last for two years. This will be a real testing time for her. I wish her good luck!

Your March 2015 Questions Answered

Katrina, 19, UK
Will my boyfriend end up influencing my career path and choices?

According to your planets, your boyfriend will keep on doing this until you turn 20. The relationship — more him than you — doesn't look to be good for you. My advice: get rid of him ASAP!

Sarah, 17, UK  
Do I have a happy and successful life ahead of me? 

You will undoubtedly have a great, smooth and happy life — provided you get married to a decent person. The only problem is that you're not a good judge of character. 

Ajit, 39, Chicago
How long will it take for my new business to take off?

Your business will take a good six months to take off and flourish.

Ashanti, 23, Illinois
When will I meet Mr. Right?

You will meet Mr. Right between March and May 31 of 2016.

If you have a question you're dying to know the answer to, just email it along with your date of birth (and the time, to be precise) to

Until next month!

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Rajeev K. Sharma

Rajeev K. Sharma


A practicing numerologist for the past 30 years, Rajeev Sharma specializes in compatibility between partners in business and romance. He caters to clients in the UK, U.S., India, Canada and Dubai which has Rajeev touring the world for face to face consultations. To learn more: 


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