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Rebtel Gives You Something To Talk About

Anokhi DIY Anokhi Today Breaking News & Sports World Sep 22, 2015

Rebtel causes quite the stir in Times Square, giving the famous Desnudas major competition.

Rebtel is known for helping people connect with their loved ones back in India.

"Rebtel's Indian users are a generation of free thinkers, free speakers and free spirits," said Varun Atrey, Rebtel's marketing manager. "The way for us to get their attention is to step outside of the box and look at what makes such a demographic tick. Why let cultural conventions allow us to shy away from soemthing that has people talking, when we know that our audience will applaud our effects to change the tide using any means necessary. The video is our way of proving to rebellious fans that we are not afraid of upping the ante in order to spark communication. We are proud that Rebtel represents a new generation of free thinkers."

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Stepping outside of the box is exactly what Rebtel did recently. They took to Times Square with a number of beautiful Bollywood dancers who were nude! Apart from the body paint designed in green and gold saree's covering their vital parts. The flash event included the dancers jiving to the popular Shah Rukh Khan song "Chamak Challo." Of course this attracted a crowd, exactly what Rebtel was expecting, who started pulling out their smart phones to capture the magnificent moment. 

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For a company that specialises in connecting with an Indian community that is somewhat conservative, it is a surprisngly bold stunt to consider, let alone execute. Rebtel is one of the most popular companies for NRIs (non-resisdent Indians) in America thanks to their unlimited calling plan to India at just $8 a month and the first month being free. This already sets them apart from their competitors, but they also seem to grasp the crowds attention with their bold stunts.

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At the end of the routine, the dancers held up a Rebtel sign saying "Rebtel gives you something to talk about" which only further proves Rebtel is not afraid of pushing the boundaries. 

Rebtel is definitely not scared of controversy and are loving the debates they are currently causing; "any press is good press" as the saying goes. There have been questions about the exhibits of nudity and woman's rights to freedom over their bodies however Rebtel is happy to address these issues.

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Beautiful Planning is the marketing and PR firm behind the out-of-the-box stunt with Bravo Media filming the whole event. Andy Golub, a well-known body painting artist dolled up the dancers provided by the Mixt dance group. The cheorgraphy was by Bollywood Touch's leads Monica Desai and Sanchi Lunawat and of course the music was taken from the film Ra One

Watch the video of the dance routine below and let us know what you think.

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Vallisa Chauhan

Vallisa Chauhan


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