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Right Wing Hindus Ask Gods To Help Trump, ‘The Lone Protector Of Mankind’

Anokhi DIY Anokhi Today Breaking News & Sports World May 12, 2016

Activists of a right-winged Indian Hindu group gathered yesterday to pray to Hindu Gods for the success of Donald Trump in the upcoming U.S. elections.

Although Trump has made fun of India’s numerous call centers and accused the country of stealing jobs from the people of the United States, he — surprisingly enough — has many fans and supporters in India.

A group of about a dozen a right-wing activist groups called Hindu Sena organized a prayer in New Delhi to pray to the gods to help Trump.

The group chanted mantras in Sanskrit and made offerings to their gods. Statues of the gods included Shiva and Hanuman along with a smiling picture of Trump placed by the sacred fire with a tilak adorning his forehead.

As per the rituals, the group threw in offerings like seeds, grass and ghee into the ritualistic fire.

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According to this Hindu group, Trump is the saviour of humanity against "Islamic terrorism." His calls for temporarily banning Muslims from the United States and cracking down on the Islamic extremist groups have earned him points with the Indian Hindu nationalist movement.
“The whole word is screaming against Islamic terrorism, and even India is not safe from it,” said Vishnu Gupta, the founder of the Hindu Sena nationalist movement. According to him, “only Donald Trump can save humanity.”
A banner declaring Trump to be the only “hope for humanity against Islamic terror” was also hung at the protest.

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In September last year, Trump said in an interview, “India is in the check to [nuclear-armed] Pakistan.” He had further accused India, along with other countries, of stealing jobs from the United States.
“We’re being ripped off with China, ripped off with Japan, ripped off with Mexico at the border and then trade, ripped off by Vietnam, and by India, and by every country,” said Trump in one of his rallies.

He even mocked an Indian call center worker. Later on, he added, “India is a great place.”
Perhaps Trump calling India a great place is winning him points with some groups in India. Hindu Sena isn’t the only group supporting Trump, another movement of Indian Hindus, under the name of Hindus for Trump, is gaining popularity on Twitter and Facebook. 

What do you think of Trump's international supporters?

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