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Safety Sticker Tattoos For Kids

Anokhi DIY Culture & Lifestyle Oct 30, 2013

Kid-friendly innovation 'SafetyTat' provides an easy and helpful way to reconnect parent and child in the event they get separated. The tattoo innovation comes right around the corner when it`s time for Halloween. 

Have you ever lost your child, even for a moment? You know that it is every parent’s worst nightmare. And it happens to ninety percent of parents. 

It`s a safety idea that parents can stick with: SafetyTat®. The tattoo features a parent’s mobile telephone number to easily reconnect parent and child. SafetyTat’s new line of children’s safety tattoos like Quick-Stick Write-on! provide the ultimate convenience.

These safety tattoos are applied without water. They can be used at a moment’s notice anytime parents are with their children in a crowded place. And, unlike many tattoos, they won’t rub off.

Customisable on the spot, a parent can simply write-on their mobile telephone number directly onto the tattoo in the space provided. Similar tattoos are available to write kid's allergies and other important information.

Tattoos come in kid-friendly designs for both boys and girls. And the best part about them – kids love to wear them.

QR Tats are made with proprietary Tateck® II tattoo material, with stylish designs and kid-friendly colors that every child likes to wear.

The secret behind this innovative tattoo is Tateck™, SafetyTat’s proprietary tattoo material. One of a kind, Tateck™ is a micro-thin elastomer that is applied like a sticker to the skin – simply peel and stick.

It is instantly waterproof and stays in place for up to two weeks even on the most active of children.

Tateck™ is medical-grade stretchable, flexible and breathable material that is opaque in color making it highly visible and readable. 

“Tateck is simply amazing. We have worked tremendously hard over the past year to develop this material as the ultimate in convenience for Moms and Dads,” explains Michele Welsh, Founder of SafetyTat. “The best part is its vibrancy; it simply ‘pops’ with color and looks great on all skin tones.”

SafetyTat temporary tattoos are perfect for any crowded venue where a parent and child may get separated: shopping malls, airports, theme parks, water parks, field trips, traveling, stadium events, site-seeing, beaches, pools, etc. 

It can also be used for senior citizens. 

Source & Images: PItch PR


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