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Shalini Vadhera’s Global Launch Of Power Beauty Living

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Author, entrepreneur and beauty expert Shalini Vadhera launched Power Beauty Living's global platform at Impact Leadership 21's Annual Power of Collaboration Global Summit at the United Nations Headquarters.

Vadhera's journey is an inspiring story — especially for aspiring businesswomen. She started out as a jewelry and fashion entrepreneur and soon became a celebrity guest on television shows like Dr. OzToday and The View. The best-selling author of Passport to Beauty and the founder of a $21 million global cosmetics company, Vadhera was named the #1 Person to Watch by The Economic Times of India, the winner of the Game Changer of the Decade Award in Beauty and the winner of the coveted Oprah Beauty O~Ward. 

Shalini Vadhera
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Vadhera launched Power Beauty Living in September 2014 to empower women. The platform unites top female thought leaders and experts from around the world. Through panels, programs and events, they provide women resources to power up their business, beauty and life. 

At this event, she showcased the platform to over 350 country heads, diplomats, ambassadors and high-level executive women from the UN.

Vadhera shared her motivation for the initiative: "I created Power Beauty Living based on my own business experiences as an entrepreneur and the lack of mentorship, community and resources, for women by women, in building their businesses and balancing their lives. I feel a strong desire to create a destination for women to get the insight and tools they need to empower themselves in business, in beauty and in living a blissful balanced life."

L–R: Dave Austin (international best-selling author), Johannes C. Eichstaedt (co-founder of the World
Well-Being Project), Danielle Butin (founder and executive director of the Afya Foundation),
Brenda Raphael (U.S. brands lead for Pfizer) and Shalini Vadhera.

Photo Credit: Nan Melville


ANOKHI Media's CEO, Raj Girn, attended the event.

L–R: Raj Girn (Anokhi Media's CEO), Jitin Hingorani (Jingo Media) and Dr. Shireen Fernandez.
Photo Credit: Jingo Media

Vadhera was recently appointed as a member of Impact Leadership 21's Global Advisory Council (GAC).

L–R: Shalini Vadhera, Constance J. Peak (co-founder of Impact Leadership 21) and
Leslie Grossman (Vice-Chair of the Global Advisory Council).
Photo Credit: Nan Melville

CEO and co-founder of Impact Leadership 21 Janet C. Salazar praised her in the following words: "We are thrilled to add such a dynamic passionate leader with a strong track record of success and zest for empowering women to the GAC. Shalini's extensive entrepreneurial experience and industry knowledge is a welcomed addition to our team, especially as we expand our international reach."

L–R: Janet Salazar (co-founder of Impact Leadership 21), Naila Chowdury (Bill and Melina Gates Foundation),
Shalini Vadhera and Ivan Khan (speaker at the UN Summit)

Photo Credit: Nan Melville

Vadhera is also launching a partnership with, a global top-10 video producer and YouTube and Facebook multi-channel network. 
CEO of Jan Reimens was delighted to start a partnership with Vadhera. He explained, "Together we will build up and out Shalini's global digital presence through her brands like Passport to Beauty, Beauty starts at 40 and more. Her story needs global reach, and this is where we will focus in the coming years."

Vadhera's global launch of Power Beauty Living was a milestone event supported by a like-minded fraternity. The event paves the way for a better future for women. 

Main Image Photo Credit: Nan Melville
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